Romania – friend or foe? Surely a force!

May 23, 2008

Let start with the beginning….
“We all play this game for fun, we have fun by winning, we win by taking the romanian historical teritories from Bulgary (Cadrilaterul) and from Ukraine (a part of Bucovina). And with Bulgary, we will have Hungary aswell, I know that many of you are waiting for this.”

(Alex Craciun in his speech running for presidency – source )

As you can see, from the first day of Alex Craciun’s mandate, Romania decided to go to war. Lets’s talk about the options:

1. Hungary – had an MPP with Austria.

2. Bulgary – Romania has and will have for a long time an MPP with them.

3. Ukraine – had an MPP with Turkey.

(this part of the article is based also on messenger discussions, so I can’t give you the all the sources)

Our people wanted a real challenge…. so Hungary was the first topic of discussion (source). After some private and public discussions, Romania received notice from the MA that Austria and Hungary will join them, so this plan was not viable anymore.

After this, romanian citizens talked about a day about attacking Bulgary. Not being a backstabbing nation, everybody declared very quickly that canceling the MPP is not an option.

This is how Romania decided to declare war on Ukraine, even if they had the MPP with Turkey (a country that at that time had an MPP with Romania also).

The war started; I think everybody knows this part: our MPP with Turkey was cancelled automatically…. the war with Ukraine transformed into a war with Turkey. Nothing new to say in this part….

Two things happened with the assimilation of Ukraine by Romania:

– the alliance/friendship between Romania and Turkey was broken for an undetermined period of time;

“We are not willing to attack other countries any time soon, although Turkey’s attitude towards us would entitle us to further action. We are merciful.”

(Titu Maiorescu – Prime Minister of Romania – source)

– Romania will not declare war on any country for an undetermined period of time (Alex Craciun also stated this publicly and, besides that, at this moment, Romania doesn’t have the GOLD for it).

So… Romania is a friend or foe? Nobody can answer that question right now, because Romania didn’t decided yet in which of the three major alliances to enter. Resulting from the facts presented by Dishmcds in his editorial, entering one of them automatically decides for whom Romania will be a friend and for what countries it will be a foe.

To sum up, here is the interesting question: in which of the alliances will Romania enter?


One Response to “Romania – friend or foe? Surely a force!”

  1. V Says:

    None. Romania is a force by itself.
    They should ask for others to become their allies, not the other way around.

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