Benn Dover US presidential candidate retires

May 24, 2008

” As shocking and contradicting as this may sound, I have decided to resign my presidential candidacy. It has become apparent to me that there are better individuals out there for the job; here are the outlined reasons why:

Endorsements for Dishmcds

Let’s face facts, Dish is a brilliant individual and extremely active — not only in eRepublik, but through external forums as well. Not many others in eRepublik can say they’ve written 112 articles. Dish is a much more experienced person in real life as well. Everything simply lines up to him being elected, and if I were to spend a lot of his time with arguments and discussions, then it would be counter-productive, as Dish is known to be a very productive person when given a fair amount of time. As he is the vice-president of the US, I fully endorse Dishmcds for President of the United States.

My activity

I hope there is no conclusion that since it is the summer, I will have little time given to eRepublik, because that is not true. However, I am a regular human being and I do want to allow myself freedom in the summer (in real life). If I were to be elected president, then I could easily distribute my time equally, but judging by how Dish has been doing this consistently, he can be GUARANTEED to be an active president. If anybody is upset with Nave’s final mandate, please realize that he is a very contributive president, but sometimes very soft-spoken in eRepublik as well.

June for me

I will not allow any individual to run cold in this presidential campaign. I am the third most powerful politician in the United States next only to Nave and Dish. If I feel as though I cannot get the job done, then I should have the right to withhold others from running too.
Come June 1st, I am going to become an official mercenary. As many of you know, congressman cannot move, and party presidents are automatically congressmen. Because of this, and the fact that I will not let others run this presidential election (see above), I am going to resign from both the presidential campaign and Democratic Party before the election day ends so that I don’t become a congressman. I will follow countries that enter war and contribute to their fights. By that time my strength will be nearing 6, one of the highest in eRepublik, and since I own a thriving Q4 weapons company, I have a great supply of Q4 weapons. This brings me to my next point…

Contributing to America overseas

When I leave America, I will have my Stimulated Organization, Harrisburg Bank account hold both of my companies, thus allowing me to legally maintain them and supply America with both Q1 moving tickets and Q4 weapons =). Alongside that, I will be keeping a large stock of moving tickets in my inventory to allow easy access into and out of America. I want it to be known that since I am not going be considered an American “resident” in foreign countries, that my citizenship here should be constantly valid until I live for more than 30 days in another country (see Platonics proposed US Constitution).

I realize that many of you are questioning “what will happen to our Chief of Staff”. Well, keep in mind that it doesn’t take citizenship to contribute to our country. I will continue being Chief of Staff when I become a mercenary and, if our next president feels as though I will be better suited being someone with more power (Vice-President?), or less (FIA Chairman?) then I will respect his decision and follow my orders. Consumer’s Digest, this newspaper, will too be held by Harrisburg Bank when I take leave.

Future of the Democratic Party

I may decide to write this in further detail in a press release , but here is what I want to see happen in the DeP:

-Party presidential advisory team: A group of individuals that talk to the party president on a regular basis. This group will be there to both facilitate things for the DeP party pres., but also keep them on the right track.

-Opening message: I want the party president to send each new party member a standard introductory message that helps them on their way and points them towards the welcome committee. This has worked in the past with individuals such as Caius, Jmatic, and Olu Dara (even though the latter two are no longer active).

-Welcome committee: This will branch off the ‘opening message’. As aforementioned, the opening message will point new members towards the veteran players (or at least those who are more established in the party). The welcome committee will give advice, suggestions, and answer the questions of new members.

-Vice Presidents: Currently, the VP of the DeP is Uncle Sam. That means he will become the president of the Dems come June 1st. I know Uncle Sam (most of you know him as Ryan) personally. He is a great person, EXTREMELY innovative, filled with new ideas, and will make for the perfect fill-in president of the Democratic Party. There is no doubt in my mind that he can lead the party to success. The new VP of the DeP will be Archibald. Even though he is somewhat new to the party, he is a highly intelligent individual, capable of fulfilling a leadership role. If Uncle Sam wants to, he can change who the VP is, but that is how I would want things to happen. Vice-presidents should be trusted individuals, trusted enough to substitute as president if something were to ever happen to presidents like myself or Uncle Sam.

I’m sorry to the Dems that may be disappointed in my lack of presidential candidacy. Here is a list of the most active citizens in the DeP of which I make my fullest apologies out to:

Uncle Sam
Robert Harding
Olu Dara
Justinious McWalburgson III
Cj Will Win
naruto kun10 ”


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