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May 24, 2008

Boycott Update

Earlier this week I called for a boycott of USA Proud’s products based on business ethics that I construed (and many others) as “dirty”. While this boycott has not had the outreaching effect that was intended when I wrote it, it has, in my opinion, created communication and understanding between myself, the citizens of the US, and Vienna Holdings as to what we should all strive for in owning a business. We are still debating an “Ethics Contract” which may or may not happen but in my opinion a good majority of this issue has been solved. Let me clarify, that I did not nor will not boycott anyone or anything because of it’s Nationality. The United States was founded and is still based on the principle of “Send me your tired, your weak, and your hungry” and for any one of us to go against something based on heritage would be, well simply put, un-American. I would remind you that one of our more popular citizens in this country, Vos, is from Sweden and we have accepted him with open arms. I asked for the boycott due to someone, in my opinion, running their business unethically in which Vienna and I and several others have had good conversation over. He has provided jobs and products to the United States economy that were not available before, and we cannot fault that. I will say that I am no longer boycotting USA Proud’s goods. They are not truly imports as they are made by American workers for American peoples. If you choose to boycott them or buy their products, as it has been before is up to you. eRepublikan ManifestoGeneral Elections will take place in ten days. Unless something weird happens, the candidates will be myself, Lucios Nava, Benn Dover, Diarmuid Trelsman, and Joseph Salute. Esoom, myself, and several others have been working on a Manifesto for our RfC party. I have gotten input from several people, and if your eRepublikan and would like to see something else added to it, then please feel free. Here’s the body that we have worked on up to this point. Federal Government The following are what I (we) believe the Federal Government should represent in the United States: 1. Smaller Government, Open to Participation Too often have we all run into the roadblock that says “You are asking the wrong person (department, organization)”. We should establish a minimal set of Government branches to deal with the problems and maintain the United States, but at the same time they should all be open for participation and communication. The list of Federal Agencies are as follows: Chief of Staff to the President: The COS is crucial in maintaining easier communication to the President, as well as coordinating and overseeing the programs and Agencies that are currently in place. Council of Economic Advisors: A council of three members can better maintain and assess problems and solutions that face our domestic economic markets today. One Senior (to solve disputes) and two Deputies would allow for the power to be taken soley from the President and truly govern in a Democratic setting. It would also free access to the panel for the Business councils to relay problems in specific industries. Office of Foreign Trade: The office of Foreign Trade would be directly responsible for assessing the value of trade agreements and finding market benefits to exporting. This would be a small group of people that would communicate to the COS through one Senior member. This office will also be responsible for finding high yield money exchanges for the foreign currency in our Reserve. National Security Council: This would maintain the same in the new setup, so long as the head of the Department provides an accurate chain of command to show progress. United Healthcare System: The United Healthcare System would not be a Government run hospital manufacturer like it is setup through other countries. It would be a way to provide hospitals to more regions by picking up a percentage of the cost to the regions, providing they meet certain qualifying factors. Our National Gifting programs would also run directly through the head of the UHS. It would help regulate costs to our own regions, and if hospital manufacturers had surplus it would help them on the exporting side as well. CEP/USFRC/BBBS/US UEO: These programs were all set up to communicate in some fashion to grow our active population. In doing so, they would work together under the head of the CEP, to better coordinate between the offices. 2. Surplus: In an effort to build economic surplus in products and growth among quality in the US to better our own wellness and abilities, we should promote surplus through lower quality businesses in the US through the use of subsidy and exporting. This would allow the GM of the company to not have to sell his goods and promote his employees to move to higher quality companies, as those goods are more desirable by both other countries and our own citizens. 3. Federal Reserve: It is my (our) belief that the Federal Reserve should NOT be giving loans to private citizens. It is the job of the Reserve to grow AND regulate the value of our money, and cannot do so risking it’s most valuable assets in such high risk endevours. a. The Fed will regulate currency on the money market, both USD and Gold. b. The Fed will provide low interest (topped out at 6%) loans to private banks, and be first lien holder on all loans given out by that bank should the private bank not repay the loan. All loans will be required to be signed by the private bank and a standardised contract written for all banks so it’s easier to understand by all parties involved. CongressCongressional suggestions: Currently, it’s up to the President to make decisions to put to vote in the Congress, and Congress simply has to vote on it. By allowing for Congressional suggestions to the President it allows for better assessment of our current situation and therefore better management of our daily economic issues. Local GovernmentCurrently, Mayors hold all power in a region, but outside of the major cities being Mayor really puts you in somewhat of a predicament. With better communication and participation in the Mayors Tribunal and funds for each region for gifting programs it better helps those Mayors accomplish what they are truly elected for: To help their people. They can do gift and wellness programs, coordinate for hospitals through the UHS, and even go through the US UEO if they have citizens in need of jobs. The more they are empowered to do at a local level, the less the Federal Government seems like a Dictatorship as to how they live their lives. International PoliticsSomeone once said “Why can’t we be Friends?” To us, this holds true. As a group, we see no reason for armed conflict initiated by the United States. While due diligence has its rewards in preparation for the inevitable, we should remain neutral in matters that do not affect us as long as possible. We should forge friendships on an International Scale, keep to our neutral stance while protecting our borders. Armed conflict should only be used as a final resort, and only if our sovereignity is broached by another nation first. HealthcareWe will work to secure a Q4 hospital for the United States. Once that is completed, we will then try to promote growth within our own hospital systems in the US. This will be one of our main goals for the term should we be elected. ActivityIt seems that over periods of time people either keep interested or become disinterested very easily. We will establish a program, run and coordinated by the Department of Work, for an acitivty bonus. Thats right, we will pay you a small weekly bonus just for showing up and helping out. Requirements: Off the cuff, requirements will be that you provide an email address, are employed or actively seeking employment, and training for the military. SO’s and such are not eligible, as they do not represent actual citizens. Presidential DebateI would like to see an actual debate for this election. I will agree to participate on the following terms, seeing as how the last one was so messy: 1. Each Presidential candidate, a moderator, and five guests to be agreed upon by the candidates are to be present. 2. Questions must be gathered beforehand, and asked in a grammatically correct manner. 3. This debate should be done 3 days before the elections (at least) so the transcript can be made available to all US Citizens before the election. 4. The article should be posted on at least 1 Press Release for longevity’s sake, as well as the forums to catch everyone’s opinion. 5. The article, when done, must be grammatically correct with notations as to which candidate replied with what answer and in a well spoken, easy to read format. It may sound like I am being picky, but anyone who was present for the last debate saw what a complete waste of time it was because it was unorganized and messy. If those conditions are too picky, then simply do it the old fashioned way: Submit the same set of questions via PM to each candidate and create an article with their responses. I’ll do one or the other. If anyone has any questions they’d like to ask me directly about anything I wrote about above, or anything to add to our Manifesto (so long as your eRepublikan) then please feel free to PM me or comment here.



Vice President of the United States


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