Day 184 – MA More Solid and Denmark a Country which Never Gives Up

May 24, 2008

Denmark – a Country which Never Gives Up
Copenhagen – the fact is Denmark has been occupied by Sweden, but the country is not the same like the other countries who already occupied by others. Currently Grev Per has been elected again as mayor of Copenhagen. Grev Per is ex-president of Denmark before it occupied by Sweden. Before the election, he sent pm to 20 of his men to move to Copenhagen and win the election over there. And most of his men followed it and it leads him to victory.

There is not much who can be like them. Russia fled an organized, Australia seems prefer to start government in exile in Britain, Switzerland citizen fled to Bulgaria to start new life, and so on. But not with Denmark, they prove their ambition as a nation who didn’t leave their motherland, and keep fighting with whatever they can.

Poland Government Non Existent

Warsaw – Poland who has 69 citizens has been reported that its Government is basically non-existent. That’s what president Party of UPR – 8DeadBoys said. His opponent party said to has many multi with 90% fake account. But of course this fact can’t be proven. UPR currently has 11 members and the biggest party that owned government has 14 members. UPR has a great chance to have presidential chair next election. 8DeadBoys offer more active government and want to have some MPPs with Pakistan, USA or France.
The opponent party – SPP who control the government now is lead by Alex-Rod, he got big political issue when many people refuses his plan to burn the money. He was reported has stolen Poland’s gold, selling 45 GOLD with rate 1Gold = 1 PLN. State treasury got 45 PLN for this gold, when market value was 6300 PLN. When we tried to see Alex-Rod account, it appears to be missing.
Will Poland grow up and be a strong country? (Many sources from Poland’s media)

Argentina Suspicious of Brazil
Buenos Aires – Canada and Hungary reported to formerly join MA, it’s stated by their MPP with Spain. But Argentina seems to look after the MPP between their neighbors as well. MPP that made by Brazil with Indonesia and Iran make them worry. At least that is what reported by Iskander Etchart in his report. Brazil and Argentina currently has really tight sum of soldiers. Brazil join MPP block with Asia and Pan American Alliance (PAA), while Argentina has MPP with Sweden and also PAA. It’s not clear yet if Brazil will be a threat for Argentina since both countries has MPP.
On the other hand the hospital company in Argentina seems to be bankrupt, and it was urged to government to make it runs since they need to prepare on worst situation. They point their finger to Joimzhando still because he took the Gold from treasury few months ago.
From Brazil reported everything looks all right and seem to don’t have any problem at all.

The Union of World Socialist
Jakarta – There has been a legitimate information said that there is a group who trying to form the union of World Socialist. One of socialist party from Brazil – USB has confirmed message in order to ask them to join the union. Below are the parties that interested to join the membership:
Democratic Socialist Party of Iran (Iran)
Parti Social Dómocrate (France)
Brazilian Socialist Union (Brazil)
Social Democratic Party (Czech Republic)
Social Democratic Party (Spain)
Canadian Social Democrats (Canada)
It said that their goal is support of socialism on the world.
Based on USB press release, this union does not have something fixed and defined yet, and this union is still forming and asking ideological contributions to be discussed. The forum for this union can be accessed here:
But it seems this International Organization is same as International Communism, eRNews still trying to have more detail info from its source.
Marilia the president party of USB got message from Red Resistance Front in Russia, he said the goal is to increase the International solidarities between parties of left and facilitate discussions between them.
When eRNews view their website, it has “Workers of the world, Unite!” on the front page.

Canada Army Organized
Iqualuit – Canada trying to learn from their previous war, today they did something that never done before, its form an army. Currently Canada has formed 4 platoons where every platoon leads by Dascoo, Banach, Althalus and Adam Sutler. The list is still in progress and hopefully with more recruits there will be a 5th.
Det Jon Kimble and Dascoo are the generals of Canadian Army that has proven their skill on Canadian War. Government call to its citizen to join the army.
Currently Canada trying to recover from their last war, import tax really low and expected to be raised soon. It proves that Canadian industry has growing to be more health.
(,, and other sources)

Mediterranean Alliance more Solid
Paris – Many people angry when the battle of Switzerland erupts, why? Because Spain as part of MA has officially stated that they won’t supply any troops. It’s happen because miscommunication when MA made discussion on this war previously. The representative of Spain in this discussion said that Spain has no problem with war, then when Italy and French declare it, Spain Government surprised since the representative of Spain didn’t consult about this with his Government.

Thanks to Pakistan that they willing to help French while Switzerland got help from Nordic Alliance. Many citizens got angry but they calm down now after they have the victory. Today it was reported that MA trying to organize. They are trying to form new voting system which does not favor large countries or small countries of the alliance, the purpose of this system is helping to resolve disputes over a lack of voice in the alliance, and such. On latest news, Canada and Hungary has joined the MA as well.
However, MA has rule to make MPP with Pakistan to be broken, it was said that you can not have MPP with a country that is not a member of MA. But French seem to have self confidence that although they don’t have MPP with Pakistan, their relation still good.

Lack of Houses in Portugal
Lisbon – Currently there is a lack of house in Portugal, one of the biggest house company over there – Habitat, has sold over 15 houses in 11 days! It was said that Porto got limited PTE now (local currency), but other citizen claimed that it’s not because of PTE, but it’s because the lack of labor.
However government will run a plan to control the market, with this policy the market expected can provide goods for all citizens. (Many sources)

Boredom in some countries
Jakarta – War is over and many citizen happy when the war has end. Will it last long, not sure yet since some citizen of USA has entered another state of life – Boredom.
This situation seems to happen on several countries. Many players jumping around from one country to country became mercenary, or became politician. Some starting to flame the media with their multi, and in other regions there is character assassination (an act to put a victim became permanently banned). Hackers on the other hand use this peace time to explore the whole system of eRepublik looking for new hole to be exploited.
eRepublik offer great social interaction, but for those who already bored with ideas, the game became bored since all they can do only two click on buttons.
So, war is avoidable for pushing excitement and rolls the economy. Which country going to be next?


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