E-UK president speech about War

May 24, 2008

Dear countrymen, dear countrywoman, dear soldiers and dear para\\\’s,

E-UK has always been a beacon of light in this E-world. Every time a country was in danger of being oppressed or invaded, we stood at its side (just look at SA, Australia,..). Each time we had a call for help, we answered it and fought for the freedom of others, because we feel that there is nothing more important in this E-world then freedom.

The Mediterranean Alliance has started a war against Switzerland. A helpless small country. Why did they do to deserve that war you might ask? Simply because Switzerland wanted to sign a MPP treaty with Sweden, their neighbour. Isn\\\’t it the right of all country\\\’s make a pact with their neighbours and thus securing their borders? Isn\\\’t safety a universal right? \\\”no\\\” said the MA, and so they have started a war.

The MA wanted to make a puppet out Switzerland by forcing it to join to the MA under the terms that can be found here . The Swiss are a proud ppl and naturally they do not sign this ridiculous contract. (www.erepublik.com/forum-topic-29232.html) This is pure arrogance from the part of the MA. No country should ever pay for security, and we will make sure it stays that way. We must put an end to this.

Norway has reacted immediately to this great injustice and annexation and will sent troops, just as Sweden and many other countries. Since we are part of the northern alliance, I feel that we must not stay behind. When we signed the Northern Alliance treaty we chose to receive all the benefits, now it’s time to fulfil our duties and obligations as well, helping the weak.

We will start with sending in the para’s. Our military officers are preparing Operation Toblerone Shield as we speak and the selected para’s will get their orders from the officers.

Good luck troops and raise some hell over there. And remember: “though I walk trough the valley of shadows, I shall fear no evil…. For I am the most evil motherf*cker in the whole damm valley!!!!!!”

President of E-UK

PS: to prevent scenario\\\’s like in the past I would like to ask the gift, travel and weapons GM\\\’s to not increase their prices the following month. I usually am against government intervention, but all companies trying to gain enormous profits from this situation by asking ridiculously prices for their good will be punished and I guarantee them now, we have found the ways to do that and you will lose more money then you will earn.


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