eRepublik invitations

May 24, 2008

Need an invitation to join us in eRepublik? Just post your request here and you’ll have one as soon as possible.

Still, I have to give you a small hint: post your email address in the comment form, not inside the comment itself so that it will be visible only to me and not everyone so that you will not get spammed. Just make sure the email is correctly inserted in the email comment field and you will receive your invitation to join eRepublik very soon.

And don’t forget to come back to to keep in touch with the latest news on erepublik.


176 Responses to “eRepublik invitations”

  1. therealbuba Says:

    Hey…i would really appriciate it if you gave me an ivitation…my user is therealbuba and my hotmail is…thxs alot…country is belgium

  2. neagoebt Says:

    Done! you have your eRepublik invitation! Enjoy the game!

  3. paul Says:

    I also would appreciate it if you gave me an invitation.
    My mail is
    My Country Argentina

  4. Good work with blog buzz 😉

    I’d love to test your product from Spain

    thanks in advance

  5. thedirtyfranchise Says:

    I’ve already requested an invitation for the name “Jae Elvie” for Canada on, but if you personally can help with this and not let me have to wait weeks to get an invite than thank you. Anyways, my e-mail is


  6. thedirtyfranchise Says:

    erepublik* of course

  7. neagoebt Says:

    sorry for the delay, theditryfranchise. You’ll have your invitation right away. Now I’m waiting for the erepublik server to get back on track:

    Server maintenance

    We’re doing some cool changes to the databases.

    In less than 30 minutes we’ll be back
    The Erepublik team.

  8. neagoebt Says:

    Done! You have the invitation!

  9. RobuS Says:

    I need an erepublik invitation, please 😉
    My email is

    Thanks 😀

  10. Ibrahim Ali Says:

    Could i get an invite please i signed up about a month ago for on their site but i still dot have a reply.
    My email is

  11. neagoebt Says:

    RobuS you have an invitation too
    Ibrahim, you’re next 🙂 In a good way of course. You’ll have yours soon too

  12. Kat Says:

    Hi! Would it be possible for me to get an invite? I’ve been dying to try this out! I’m in the US. 🙂

  13. neagoebt Says:

    Of course you can have one! is the email you provided valid?

  14. neagoebt Says:

    Done! Kat, you have the invitation. Welcome to the eRepublik world.

  15. Kat Says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  16. Minuteman Says:

    I also want an invitation. my email is
    and my country Sweden.

  17. neagoebt Says:

    You have your invitation! Good luck! Welcome to the eRepublik community!

  18. pedram Says:

    hi,can you give me an invitation?my email is and my country is Iran

  19. neagoebt Says:

    Of course! You have it! Enjoy eRepublik and welcome to our world 🙂

  20. Hesam Says:

    Hi .please please give me an invitation
    my .my country is Iran.thanks

  21. neagoebt Says:

    Hesam, you have the invitation! Welcome to eRepublik!

  22. Hesam Says:

    Thank neagoebt.what is meaning of *neagoebt*.

  23. neagoebt Says:

    Well, this is my name… a combination of the letters in my name Neagoe B.T. 🙂

  24. Blackbeard Says:

    Can I have an invite sent to for Sweden?

  25. Seb Says:

    Hi hi! I would love an invitation! If you still have some send one to for USA or Australia.

  26. neagoebt Says:

    Blackbeard and Serb, you’ll have your invitations in a few hours. Sorry for the delay but I had some busyness to take care

  27. neagoebt Says:

    Blackbeard and Serb, you have your invitations! Welcome to erepublik to you too!

  28. neagoebt Says:

    Yurf, I am watching the football match now! 😀 but you’ll have your invitation right after the match ends.

  29. Yurf Says:

    Thanks! I would really appreciate it! Great match yesterday! 😀

  30. srisch84 Says:


    i am not sure if i can join without an invitation from another player, but having one would definitely be cool!

    thanks in advance:
    country: germany

    cu ingame

  31. neagoebt Says:

    Yurf and srisch84, the invitations have been sent for approval 🙂 you should have them soon, just keep an eye on your e-mails 🙂

  32. neagoebt Says:

    invitations sent!

  33. Yurf Says:


    Thanks again for the invitation. Could you please delete the comment with my email in it, because someone used it to register at


  34. neagoebt Says:

    Deleted! 🙂 How do you like eRepublik?

  35. Yurf Says:

    I really like it, especially the economic system. Although there still is room for improvement (a stock exchange system would be nice) it is already quite advanced. I do have the feeling that it is very hard to earn gold (except by inviting friends)… :s Still 20 gold short from starting my own company. 😀

  36. AJ Says:


    I would be very grateful if I could get an invitation for USA.


  37. Says:

    Please sent me invitation, Thank you

  38. neagoebt Says:

    AJ and sayariza, I have just sent you the invitations. Please check your emails.
    Please get back to erepubliklive when you have time to let us all know ehat you think of eRepublik.

  39. Irsha Says:

    neagoebt,, looks like you have many invitations,, where do you get it from??
    anyone,, if you wants inivitation just comment here,, I have a few idle invitation

    sorry for my bad english^^

  40. neagoebt Says:

    How I get them is not important. The most important thing is that I try to help everyone get an invitation much much faster than waiting in line for a month or two to get one. 😉

  41. Irsha Says:

    yes, you’re right. Okay then, I’ll help you. I have some invitation here. Who wants one??

  42. neagoebt Says:

    Thanks. Keep your eyes on the new comers asking for invites and offer invitations as I do. 🙂

  43. Ibrahim Warsame Says:

    Can i get an invite my email is

  44. neagoebt Says:

    Hello, sandman. You have been sent an invitation.

  45. Nora Says:

    Hi, may I have an invitation? Thanks!

  46. Bray Says:

    Hi Nora, send me your email at: and I will send you and invitation to erepublik

  47. Irsha Says:

    @Nora : yes you can have an invitation, but you should post your e-mail first
    @neagoe : yes, I’ll do it. But, I’m still want to know, where you get the invitation??


  48. neagoebt Says:

    @Irsha: Let’s call it “my little secret” 😛

  49. neagoebt Says:

    @Ishra: I know I have been mean by not telling you where I get the invites from. Still, I have a question for you; something out of the record: I see that your name links to a blogspot blog. Do you have any idea of how to remove the upper admin bar that blogspot adds to your blog?

  50. Nora Says:

    Sent an email to Bray. Didn’t post my email in the comment box due to bots and whatnot. Thanks for the help, everyone. 🙂

  51. Irsha Says:

    what kind of admin bar neagoebt?? Did you mean that text by admin?? If it is, its just my welcome text :))

  52. neagoebt Says:

    No, Irsha, the admin bar that appears first in the upper page, with the search, next blog, create blog, register and on the left has the blogspot logo(that orange bolded B)

  53. Irsha Says:

    owh, thats bar. I don’t know how to remove it 🙂

  54. neagoebt Says:

    🙂 thank you

  55. zap Says:

    hey neagoebt,

    could you send me an invitation for spain?

    my email is zaplana(at)thatemailservicefromgoogle


  56. systane Says:

    Can I please get a invitation? this looks pretty cool

  57. neagoebt Says:

    @zap and @systane: guys, the request for invitations have been sent. Please check your emails today to see when they arrive 🙂 Good luck!
    After you get the invite, I will be waiting for your opinions here or in the Advices page 🙂

  58. Benito M. Henriquez Says:

    I’d love to have an invitation to eRepublik. I have been looking for it for a long time, hope my search is over.

    Thanks in advance

  59. Anthony Meunier Says:

    Me, please.

  60. neagoebt Says:

    @Benito and @Anthony: you can check your emails. Today you will surely receive an invitation(one for ecah of course :p) Good luck and I will be waiting for your opinion here or on

  61. Krull Says:

    I have some invitations left as well, so just post your email..

  62. Philippe Says:

    anyone in need of an invite? I’ve got three, just mail your email address to

  63. michael Says:

    Can I have an invitation, please? My e-mail is

  64. neagoebt Says:

    @Michael: you have it! welcome to eRepublik. I guess you’re a romanian after your name 🙂 Good luck! You’ll see that eRomania is the 4th power in eRepublik, although it has some political and economical problems for the moment. I guess it will reset order soon. As I said, Good luck and we will be waiting for you back here with opinions…

  65. neagoebt Says:

    I would like to ask everyone to post a reply if he/she has already sent an invitation to someone so that we all know and keep ours for others that need them, and not uselessly send 2-3 of them to the same person.

  66. Evan Kirk Says:

    i want an ivite for france or switzerland dosen’t matter thanks

  67. neagoebt Says:

    @Evan: You have been sent an invitation 🙂

  68. Viachyslav Ostrovsky Says:


    Please send me and invitation for Ukraine or Russia as an alternative.

    Please send it to me ASAP 🙂 🙂

  69. industrial gentleman Says:

    Hello from Belgium!

    If it’s still possible, I’d like to get an invitation.

    Thanks in advance 😀

  70. neagoebt Says:

    Hello everyone! @Viachyslav: You seem to have already become an eRepublik citizen.
    @Industrial gentleman: Hello to Belgium! It is possible, in the matter of fact, you have been sent an invitation! Welcome among the eRepublik citizens.

  71. Siegfried Genscher Says:

    Hello, i’m from Germany.
    Please send me an invitatation, thanks a lot!

  72. Krull Says:

    whoever needs an invitation, send a mail to marsumm(at)
    you don’t mind neagoebt, do you?

  73. neagoebt Says:

    :)) No, I don’t. But it is going to be easier to ask for an invite here than sending emails asking for one. Still, I am glad that someone offered to help. 🙂 Good luck!

  74. Jordan Says:

    Hey I’d like an invite please!


  75. Goodtimes Says:

    I would like an invitation please!

    Thank you.

  76. migban Says:
    Can someone send me an invitation please? 😀

  77. VxDman Says:

    I have 3 invitation to give.
    French guys will have the priority 😉

  78. Wolfkid Says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia, I would like to have an invitation. Can anyone help me?

  79. Granty Boy Says:

    Hello! This looks great! Can you send me an invite please?

    Much appreciated! 😀


    kungfufox @ hotmail . com

  80. jordan112211 Says:

    I have 4 invites. Just give me your email!

  81. Menago Says:

    Please send me invitation.

  82. neagoebt Says:

    You have been sent your invitation. Welcome to eRepublik! Please come back with some opinions and if you need any help.

  83. Kaldrys Says:

    Hey could I get an invite. My guy’s name is Will Kaldrys and email:


  84. Jesse Says:

    Hey could i get an invitation? thanks

  85. can i get an invitation? Says:

    I always interest a political science, can get invitation my mail is

  86. Kronas Says:

    If you would like an invite to eRepublik, email me at requesting an invitation!

  87. Emil Condrea Says:

    i want an invitation…thanks a lot

  88. Rod Says:

    Hi, could i get an invitation please? my email is

  89. mrflanell Says:

    Hi i like to have an invation to this game
    manny thanks

  90. Leg3ndary Says:

    Hey guys,
    I’ve been looking at Erepublik for a long time and i would would really love to play it and test it out. I’ve not been successful in receiving an invitation the traditional way from the website.
    Name is Leg3ndary, country is Canada.
    really appreciate it,
    thank you very much.

  91. Aylaar Says:

    Hey 🙂
    could I get an invitation for somewhere in Europe, I’ve been waiting for a month 😦

  92. neagoebt Says:

    Hello guys, I have been away for a while! I have just sent invitations to all of you who requested

  93. Cristian Says:

    I would like an invitation 🙂

  94. neagoebt Says:

    Cristian, you have your invitation!

  95. IzzyWest Says:

    Hey boys,

    I have been looking up eRepunlik for a while now, and from what i have seen it should be an extravagant game to play

    Country is Canada

    ps, i have been waiting for like 2 months

  96. iChaos Says:

    Its IZZYWEST !!



  97. iChaos Says:

    Hey boys,

    I have been looking up eRepunlik for a while now, and from what i have seen it should be an extravagant game to play

    Country is Canada

    ps, i have been waiting for like 3 months

  98. neagoebt Says:

    You have the invitation!

  99. AFairfax Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been reading about eRepublik and am greatly intrigued by it. As such, I would be grateful if you could send me an invitation. Thank you.

  100. neagoebt Says:

    Hello, Adam!
    You have the invitation!

  101. Josef Says:

    I’d like an invitation please. Country: Argentina

  102. AFairfax Says:

    Thank you kindly for the invitation.

  103. DaLe Says:

    Hello! I would appreciate an invitation very much. Country would be Czech Republic.

    Thank you!

  104. Rok Says:

    Hi, if you need an invitation to erepublik, send me your email on

  105. Mr1528 Says:

    If You Need Invite Send PM @ YID : mr1528

    truly yours

  106. unbloganonim Says:

    can I get an invitation please?

  107. Caelryck Says:

    Hi Neagoebt!

    Looking for an invitation – and hoping that you can move to a country of specific choice (Australia) regardless of who sends the invitation!


    ~ Caelryck

  108. Caelryck Says:

    But seen as Australia doesn’t seem to exist haha (damn Indonesians) – Italy will have to be my choice…

  109. DaLe Says:

    Cool, just got an invitation. I am not sure if it was because I posted here or because I signed up for an invitation on the site. Thank you anyhow!

  110. neagoebt Says:

    @Dale: I have sent you the invitation. I am glad you are happy 🙂 just be a good ecitizen 🙂

  111. eadolfo Says:

    Hello Guys!!

    I´ve joined this exciting game last week and I have 5 invitations. If anyone want to join the game, just write me to my email ( ) and I will send you one. Chears!!

  112. SexyAdriana Says:

    I have 5 invitation! I will give you 4 GOLD + a gift. MAIL > < In 2 minutes you have the invitation. Thanx

  113. Alvaro Morales Says:

    Hi! I’m eager to get into the game! Could I get an invitation as well?

  114. Alexandru Says:


    I’m from Republic of Moldova (Moldova) and i will be thankful for invitation. 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  115. ICBratianu Says:

    Contact me at and u will be invited as soon as possible.
    Just say “i want in” and leave your mail adress;)

  116. I get ban for nothing Says:

    Several days ago i get ban on this game, i don’t do anything wrong but i get ban, don’t use this game because their are unfair. You can get ban for nothing

  117. Walter Says:

    Please send me an invitation:

  118. Gersey Says:

    Hi, i wish you have an invitation left for me 🙂

    It would be very kind of you if you send me one at G.grenada[at]

  119. I get ban for nothing Says:

    Ignore my last message, all is ok:-)

  120. Khun T Says:

    I’d like an invite too, please =)

  121. Snake Plissken Says:

    I have many invitations right now,
    and I’m sending it to EVERYONE who wants to play this beautiful game!
    Just give me your e-mail and wait some minutes!

  122. sothasil Says:

    I would love to delve into this fascinating strategy game.

    Country: United States of America

  123. LynX90 Says:

    I have 5 invitations !! Email to!

  124. Swizzles Says:

    I would appreciate it if you gave me an invitation.

  125. Fawkes9 Says:

    Country: Russia

    Dude, this game is so amazing, I would PAY for an invitation!!

  126. Fawkes9 Says:

    Still have 3 invites for anyone

  127. George Pheconf Says:

    I’d appreciate if i could have an invitation. George Phecond, Israel

  128. Ryan Says:

    Sent to George Pheconf

  129. Safance Says:

    Thanks for any invite. I can’t wait to join this game along with many others.
    Country: USA, Name:Safance

  130. Charlzey Says:

    I don’t know if people are still giving out invitations, but I would love to get one off somebody pleeeease!!:
    United Kingdom

  131. hamid Says:

    any body want an invitation add me in yahoo and give a pm

    harki davat name mikhad be man pm bede
    id yahoo: hamid53214

  132. Luis Says:

    I have 3 invitations left for Spain, mail me to badmind @ and ask for one

  133. Yacob Says:

    I would like to have one please!
    Country: USA or any english format country

  134. Serenity Says:

    Hey if you guys need an invite i have 2 left
    V1 is starting!
    just email with a subject erepublik

  135. neagoebt Says:

    @Safance: you have been sent an invitation! Welcome to The New World! 🙂 We hope you’ll come back to tell us what you think!

  136. gecko1 Says:

    I would like one. For any English speaking country outside the USA. Preferably S. Africa but any will do. Thanks in advance.

    Username: Gecko1


  137. Shahram Says:

    Hi there , if you send me an Invitation I will be grateful!

    Name: Shahram

    Country: Iran

    Thank u very much!

  138. Dragan Says:

    Hey I have been dying to be able to play this game! I would appreciate it so much if could get an invite! My email is and I signed up as Dragan Semiz of the country Serbia and Montenegro.

    Thanks in advance.

  139. Greg Says:

    I would like an invite to the USA and if not then Russia. Thanks

  140. IMOP Says:

    I’d really like an invite to Russia if possible. Thanks a lot!

  141. Cheatr Says:

    I would also like one for Romania. Thanks in advance

  142. G Says:

    I am looking for an invite. The country I am interested in is USA. Thanks

  143. alphonse gaillard Says:


  144. Greg Says:

    I have four invites, email me for an invite

  145. Manuel Says:

    I’d like an invitation!

  146. Cure Says:

    If you still need invitations, email me at niemela{ät] and i’ll put it right away.

  147. Anonymous Says:

    Neagoebt, how can you send that much invitations? i am an erepublik user and i konw that there is a limited number of invites (13 maybe). Do you have multi-accounts?

    And BEWARE, each time you request an invitation from Neagoebt, and you join erepublik, he receives 5 GOLD in the erepublik World.

  148. Sandberg Says:

    I would like an invitation for any english speaking country.
    Username: Sandberg

  149. Rich Says:

    You are a kind and generous person! 😀 Might I also get an invite?

  150. Visac Says:

    hi there, i would love an invitation, ive already applied for a pending invitation, but it is taking for a long time and i wouldnt want to wait longer.

    username : Visac
    country: canada

    ive put my email in the comment form thingy.

  151. Tecchi Says:

    Hey i need an invite to erepublik please.

    Name: Daniel Montecchi

    Country: Australia


    Thanks in advance.

  152. TobiasV Says:

    can I have one to?


  153. Donut Says:

    For invitations for eRepublik mail me at

  154. Jaxmoe Says:

    Hi, can i get an invite for australia please?
    Or anywhere that speaks english

  155. Apo Mabini Says:

    Im cant wait to play the game. Country: Philippines Thanks for the invite.

  156. Apo Mabini Says:

    Please change country invitation to Indonesia.
    Much appreciated!

  157. Greystrand Says:

    I’d love an invite to United States.

  158. Shea Says:

    May I get a ERepublik invitation please? Any English speaking country will do, preferably Singapore. Thanks in advance!

  159. neagoebt Says:

    Hello, guys! I am sorry I haven’t given invitations lately but there seems to be a little problem before the V1 version of the game is released. Please come with a comment in a few days, so that I can see who still needs an invitation and send one. Good luck to you all inside eRepublik.

  160. Vlad Says:

    Can I have an invite sent to for Romania?

  161. Siny Says:

    For invitations please mail me at

  162. Rich Says:

    Wait, so we need to comment again to get an invite?

  163. Stasinsan Says:

    I want an invitation for Ukraine

  164. uaithne Says:

    may i please get an invite? i would prefer ireland/scotland/uk or u.s. preferably ireland.

  165. neagoebt Says:

    Guys, please wait for another at most 48 hours until the site will be transfered to V1 and I will restart sending invites to you.

  166. neagoebt Says:

    Hello everyone! The V1 has come and awaits for new citizens. I have tried to give invitations to all those who asked for it. If there is someone left without, please shout 😀
    Best regards!

  167. Julien Says:

    I would like an invitation.
    I’m belgian but there is only a few ones, so I would like a French or canadian invitation please.

  168. Jo Says:

    Invitation please 🙂 ? Estonian invite would be nice.
    BTW I’ve requested alot of invitations but they just don’t come to my e-mail, I don’t know if the server is overloaded or whatever, been waiting for the inv’s to arrive for 1 day now :O.

  169. Nathan Adler Says:

    Here is your invitation link. I’m in UK, but you can chose your country and region when yor register.

  170. aditzull Says:

    Spania a cazut. Urmam noi,

    Romania are nevoie de voi.

    Alaturati-va comunitatii ERepublik

  171. Anotherdude Says:

    Anymore out there, would be thankful for 1

  172. Arkeit Says:

    Hi¡ I have got some invitations to playing eRepublik. You can defend your country¡¡

    Good luck¡¡ 🙂

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