Interview With the Biggest President Party of Argentina

May 24, 2008

Buenos Aires – few days ago eRNews got facts that the concept of Argentina’s constitution not involve small party to think about it. We then pursue the real facts behind it by interviewing the man behind this constitution. One of them is the president party of PDRA – Pier. Below is the result of our interview.

Dear Pier,
Im n3m0 from eRnews (, I knew that you have released constitution of Argentina, but i saw on the thread that your party didnt involve smaller party to make that constitution, do you have any opinion on this?
If they(smaller party) refuses to sign it, do you will push them to use it?
what is the affect of this incident to your country? do they really matter for your country?

Hi n3m0, the constitution of Argentina was spoken weeks ago in the official forum of eArgentina and written in the news for those who don”t have access to the forum. The citizens who don”t like this, they have the opportunity to change that in the news or the forum, weeks ago.
And Joim says that, because this is done to grab him . He steal 450GOLDS from national treasure and thousands of ARS. It was known that he wouldn”t like this for that..
And if I do this is because I love my country and I don”t want corruption in it.

i see…
So, you mean he is the only one who deny this constitution then?
and does he ever give the money back?

There are many congressman inactive if you see the proposals only vote 7 or 11. Because of that , the constitutions was put in the news and forum so everyone can agree or reject that. and citizens were telling me that wanted to make it official.
No the admins says , that the only way who stop him is if we have a law.

In order to maintain the neutrality, we interviewed the opponent of this constitution as well. His name is Joimzhando, ex president of Argentina and the one that being talked by Pier all this time.

Dear joimzhando,
i am n3m0 from
I have interviewed pier related to constitution that not agreed by you, due to maintain the neutrality, i need some feedback from you also
He said that he put that constitution in forum openly so everyone can make correction on it, and this has been discussed weeks ago, what is your opinion on this?
He also mention that you take away the money from treasury, do you mind to clarify on this?
And what is your opinion with Pier”s policy, is it good or not?

First of all, I have to tell you what happened between Pier”s group and me that led me to taking the Gold from the country.

The first 4 months Argentina was almost empty, just me and my friends lived here. Most of them started leaving dure to boreness. Countrie”s gold was all given by us, from the “first citizens” gold and invites.

Later on, a lot of people coming from another web game, a close community came. They abused the party system and stole my party. I had to create a new one.

Since they were a lot more they were going to gain the elections (as they did) so I took the gold to avoid them to waste it stupidly, since their actions had shown me they had no idea of playing at all (as if they could rule a country with two weeks of gameplay experience).

They came, started asking a lot, stole the party and then took control of the country.

They say they discussed the constitution on the forum… THEIR forum, in which I cannot enter due to bans, they
They simply made the constitution as they wanted by their team, only their party.

Pier policy is not that bad, but their idea of ruling a country still sucks. e-Argentina was in a better position when we were 10 players and I was the president.

Also to mention, they used another game weakness to steal my new party

That’s the answer from the opponent. Where is the Argentina at the future?


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