Interview with the president of Romania

May 24, 2008

Jakarta – After I spent my time in Argentina’s castle, eRNews then flights directly to Romania in order to investigate the issue more deeper that related to this country. It has been reported by Francis from TDF, with his article over here:, it was said that Romania on preparation to war with Ukraina. And it said about the relation with MA, and many things. In order to make it clear, we then contacting Alex Craciun the president of Romania for an interview.

Based on the article made by Francis Hunyadi at, he said that Romania are all preparing for the battle.
What preparations actually that your country has done? Is there any preparation for this incoming war?

We are indeed preparing for war, I already proposed the war to the congress. We had a lot of discussions before going to war and we took this decision after we analyzed all the implications.

He said that Ukraine is not the target, but it was Hungary, is that true?

I think this kind of articles are made by troublemakers. They seek trouble and they love it when they find trouble. Ukraine is our target and I explained in my last article why, the main problem is that we don’t need weak neighbours and whenever Ukraine will be up and going they will be free, for now Ukraine is ruled by expats that want only the gold.

And why you change your target?

As I already stated an attack against Hungary is not on my list of objectives, so we didn’t change any target.

Care to share the reason of this invasion?

We will invade Ukraine because of national safety, we don’t want an eventual war on our land. We proposed to the ukrainian president 320 gold to start the war and also 330 to be invested in hospitals and houses for every ukrainian, but he refused. It will be hard to strengthen Ukraine because of the wasted gold, but the real ukrainians will thank us for that.

It was said that Romania wish to join MA, is that true? Or MA who want you to join them? And who is the man behind it? 🙂

As Romania is part of Europe it would be normal to join the MA. But in these days there are some problems inside this alliance and we are also preparing the war, so it’s not our main objective. We are checking every possibility and we will have an answer this month.

And one last question is that what do you expect from his MA?

We expect from MA to be functional. If we will enter an alliance it will be with a written contract and there we will have penalties for not helping each other, in my opinion it’s the best way to make it work.

We really grateful to Mr. President who willing to spare his time for us to make clarification on some news that currenly spread all over the world.

That is true that there are many people currently see that MA has potential risk of problems. Spain currently got problem with their money’s scandal where the treasury money has been taken by governor of Spain Bank because his idea is not accepted by government. And there are some weirdness too from some citizens on why only Franch and Italy who declare war to Swiss, and another possibility of the problem is there is no official contract in this MA, so the next president of a country can break relation with MA anytime
But only time can tell which fact is true behind many prejudices


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