Letter from Manifesto, Co-Founder of the eInternationale, to Romanian Comunist Party

May 24, 2008

Greetings comrade,

You have been formally invited to participate in representing your nation in eRepublik”s first leftest Internationale. I wish to know if you are interested in having your party register as the official representatives of Romania on our forums (under construction).

Workers parties from each country have been invited to participate in the Internationale forums to discuss the advancement of the international proletariat in their overthrow of the chains of Capitalism. Not only will we discuss a variety of topics, such as our stance on wars, formation of unions, our collective policies and goals, etc, but will increase our solidarity as global leaders of the workers movement.

Thank you for your time comrade.

Co-Founder of the eInternationale


If you cannot visit this link,  click here to get free eRepublik invitations.


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