Londinense for London Mayor – by the Conservative Party

May 24, 2008

Many of you might be wondering just who on eEarth the Conservative Party is and why should you vote for our candidate. We are a small, but growing, eUK political party who wishes to help the economy of our beloved land by lowering the local tax rate, stimulating growth and encouraging beginning entrepreneurs. It is our joint belief that by having a solid base our market place can take center stage in the world, which in turn would attract more people to move here and help us become an overall stronger nation, bringing pride to our citizens and showing that we truly are the best.

So who is Londinense? He is a dedicated and passionate man who loves our cherished capital so much it is a part of his name. He has shown time after time that he looks out for not only our own citizens but also for our allies as well. He helped aide not only Israel in its time of need but also left a promising career to help keep Switzerland safe and independent during the recent aggressions. He is selfless and will help anyone he can in every way possible; if elected just PM him and if he cannot fix the problem he will find someone who can very shortly.

Remember, a vote for Londinense is a vote for a man who will help no matter what he has to personally sacrifice anything it takes to help make London not just the jewel of the eUK, but to make it shine so every other nation wishes for a capital like ours. Thank you all for your time and see you in the election booths.

The Conservative Party


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