Presidential Debate: Vice President of the United States speech

May 24, 2008

Alright, so it’s Memorial Day weekend. Most of us are probably busy or out of town. Lest we not forget that it’s the 24th of May, and General Elections are a week away.

Earlier this week, I released a manifesto of our goals from the eRepublikans for Change party, available here. Those are my goals should I be elected President.

I would also like to announce that there are newly appointed people in charge of Operation Wellness, that was started by Nave after the war. Pearlswine will head the project assisted by Justineous (I know I always mess up your name, sorry). This should be full swing sometime in the next couple of days. They will be under my oversight, and I will ensure that this is being done. It will increase our productivity overall and our moral as well. Have faith that we are working here in Government buildings on Saturday for you, the citizen.

Now, onto the meat of the article: The Debate. I asked in the Manifesto article earlier this week for a debate. It would be nice to see one for this election. It is not necessary, as I can simply write my platforms and views out on a piece of ePaper” and hang copies of it on the wall of every bathroom stall in America, but I’d rather not. We have 7 days left until elections, I’ll wait 3 until I do so. America is a big place, lots of bathrooms to hit.

If you’re interested and would like to moderate, let me know.


Vice President of the United States


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