Second official wedding in Erepublik!

May 24, 2008

Another historical day for the Erepublik community. Yesterday, day 172 of the new world, has been made the second official wedding in Erepublik. The bride was the lovely Allyenna, from Santiago de Compostela, and present Mayoress, and the groom was the bold officer and gentleman Zhuge Liang, a high command of the Spanish Elite Forces, Los Cuervos, also resident in Santiago de Compostela.

The petition was an incredible Declaration of Love that moved all the Spanish ecitizens. Allyenna accepted without hesitation.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful forest near Santiago, before all the citizens gathered. It was midnight when the ceremony began (15:00 Erepublik time), by the wiccan rite.

The ceremony was presided by the priestess Meiko and the priest Cristesco, as well as Aisac who talked in favour of the bride and the groom introducing them for the union. Diarmuid, Vircoph, Salbafer and Sabi2 were the chosen ones to symbolize the Guardians of the fourth cardinal points, devote and bless the union.

Even Alexis Bonte came to the ceremony, and cheered our hearts and hopes.

The vows:

– When one of them is under 90% of wellness, the partner wil offer at least one gift per day.

– When one of them needs money, the partner will offer money without asking anything in exchange.

– Both of them must update their profile with the day of the marriage

– Both must live in the same city. One of them may move to another place for work reasons, but just for a month.

– If one of these conditions is broken, the couple can ask the divorce.

When the ceremony concluded, the party began and all the participants enjoyed fine drinks and excellent friendship.

You can view the complete ceremony and the ensuing party HERE


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