The first step – U.S. Party Meeting

May 24, 2008

So, the Democratic Party had their first meeting this weekend. It had a decent turnout, and is a pretty good idea all things considered. I am not sure if the eRepublikans want to attempt this or what your schedules are like. If you do, let me know and we can try to arrange a time. Otherwise, you can always find me if you have something you’d like to discuss either here online or in the chat room.

Local Elections

I would like to remind you all that tomorrow the local elections will take place for the May to June mandate. Please remember to log on and cast your vote for who you think will do the best in each city.

Ideas for Mayors

Once again, I will follow up on the idea that I posted for Mayors in the last edition I released endorsing my candidates for Mayor. You may think that Mayors cannot do anything in Erepublik, but I beg to differ. I would say that the best course at the moment is to find a list of your citizens, and begin gifting programs. After all, it is their tax monies that you have, so why not put it to good use now instead of waiting until you can accumulate for a hospital? Who wouldnt want to boast of the highest regional productivity in Erepublik?

There have been others, such as Patrick Cornell and Justineous (sorry, I usually spell it wrong) that have started their own gifting programs.

Gift Market Boom

When we started the gift program through the Government, we all put together a list. Those people are still not gifted yet there are tons of gifts available on our market. If you are a citizen still in need of wellness, now is the time to question why you are not getting it. Before, we hadnt had full time to prepare for the program. Now the gifts are readily available, so that is no longer the case.


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