US hot news – Name Change and Party Goals – May 05

May 24, 2008

So, for starters I have changed the name of the party slightly. Too often people look at the names of a party and associate them with their real-life counterparts. Lets face it, right now the Republican Party IRL is not all that popular and some may have been associating it with that.

I have contended for nearly 4 months now that associating real-life political views with a party here is completely undoable. The Democrats cannot vote Pro-Life here, because that does not exist in Erepublik. They cannot vote for “moral and just change” because there is no way to be immoral or unjust in a nation as diverse and independant as ours. If Nave and the US government tried to initiate ways to oppress our citizens through taxes and such, the owners could revolt against him. There’s no way to control everyone, so those platforms dont exist.

What I offer is different simply because it’s involvement. Thats what has improved our country over the last few months, not center-right or center-left. I ask that you, the citizen, look past the name of a party and into the person who runs it, the group who participates in it, and the feelings behind it. There will be change this coming elections, and that can start at any moment. You can change yourself for the eBetter right now, whether you consider yourself Democrat or Republican in RL has no bearing on that, and I can offer it to you. It’s up to you to put in the work.

So, we are going to be eRepublicans for Change, partly because we are fresh of the heels of the closest election in months and partly because I did want to keep part of the name so I didnt offend some of the older members.

The kicker is that when they started this party, they associated it center-left anyway. No one cared then and I left it alone because I was new to the position. I am now going to change it to it’s correct affiliations, simply for kicks.

My point is that it doesnt matter what side you affiliate with. The eRepublicans or the eDemocrats stem from the same beginnings here in Erepublik. We believe in many of the same things and use the same vehicles to accomplish our goals. If you take the time and be smart about your decision, you’d see you’re simply associating with a name that suits you more, rather than the ideals that the party can instill.

Moving On

So, now that hopefully thats cleared up a little, we’ll move on to our next order of business.

I will re-order the party shortly (as soon as I can figure out the link to see all the member pages, which is currently bugged at the moment). I am going to move some of our older members down in the order and some of the newer members higher up to hopefully inspire some more participation within our ranks. If you dont care what I do with the party and will vote for me, then great. If you read what I have promised and believe that I am the right person for the job, then speak up and let me know. Our party elections were rather paltry in votes, and I have enlisted Mr. Infernalstein to lead our recruiting section.

He has shown through his few days here that he has connections to bring people in, and hopefully with that, we can begin other programs.

Company Programs

I announced earlier today that I was going to sell weapons training. I am still going to sell it, but I am going to do so to someone within the Republican Party so they can “run” it and focus on the employment and security aspect of our party. That way they have a vehicle to offer jobs for newer members, etc. If someone wants to do this, then simply speak up. We can talk any time your ready. If you’d like to buy it outright, then let me know and we can talk about that as well.


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