What people are saying in E-UK

May 24, 2008

For the next press release we thought it might be an idea to honour
our members and write what they’ve been saying about the PCP.

“PCP is like Pringles, a rubix cube or crack if your into that stuff: once
you pop you just can’t stop The Peoples Initiative is the way
forward to a more communist eUK,
because in communist UK everything is fluffier and better then facist
UK where they try to lure you with cake. the cake is a lie. PCP is
not.” ~ Tessio

“The PCP is a party for the people and as such we aim to ensure that
everyone gets a say in how this country is run.” ~ PCP Manifesto

“Your last posted manifesto really got me, had some great ideas to it
and probably the best I have seen so far on here and the emphasis you
put on working as a collective is great – not just communist in name!” ~ Simon Nicholls

“I started out in TUP, I felt slightly overshadowed and as if the
higher ranking members listened but wouldn’t act on new members ideas.
I looked at other parties and I noticed when I joined the eUK forum
that PCP were massively active, I read their manifesto and looked at
their idea and it excited me massively as this was a very active party
that was going places and best of all I could be a part of this.” ~ Sam010

“I’ve been tempted too join the red side, I do like the Communist way of
thinking, always have whilst I’ve studied history.” ~ Piperbunny

“We do seem to be getting this reputation but to be honest we are not “extreme”
it’s just we offer new ideas instead of re-using old ones.” ~ KIA Sneak

” “An elegant, swelegant party this is ” (actually I think it was Bing Crosby! )” ~ Frufru

“I joined the PCP for two reasons.
1) The rampant exploitation of the majority of the population by an elite
of a few GMs. As soon as gifts/cheap food became vital to country they
dobled their prices and gouged as much money out of people as they
2) The members of the PCP seemed to be the most active and friendly on the forums.” ~ sohir

“If the last election was decided by active members only, you would have won for sure.” ~ Tarquin

“I already like being here, and as a communist by heart, its easy for me to live out that role in eRepublik” ~ Culkasi

“I’ll stick around for the riddles ” ~ Piperbunny

“The floodgates are most definitely open at the PCP….” ~ Ip Lockard


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