Changes regarding alliances in eRepublik

May 25, 2008

Taking into account the events that succeeded in the past few days, we are announcing the following changes:

– A Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) signed by both Presidents will become active after 3 days, and it will protect the 2 countries just for the wars declared after the 3 days have passed;
– A MPP that is canceled will still remain valid for a period of 3 days;
– Country Presidents will be able to cancel any Congress proposal before it is passed or rejected. Canceling a war proposal will give back 75% of the cost of the war. Rejecting a war proposal will give back 100%.
Don’t forget that the proposals become valid at 00:10 am (Erepublik time) at least 24 hours (and 10 minutes) after the Congress vote.

The changes in the code will be available in the next days.

For the moment there are four open war proposals, ready to be voted in Congress, in the following countries:

Pakistan to attack China
USA to attack Canada
Slovakia to attack Czech Republic
Belgium to attack UK

If one of the Presidents of Pakistan, USA, Slovakia or Belgium want to cancel their proposal, they will need to contact us and we recommend they make their opinion public.


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