Czech Republik supports Poland

May 26, 2008

Here are two articles written by Czech Republik’s media:

Poland In Despair

Greetings Fellow Countrymen, Ivan Hat with my Son and Partner H.W Hat again, and we’re here to talk to you all about a growing change in eastern Europe.

Yes, Poland, our ally to the North has elected a farce of a man as President and are now paying the ultimate price. Their currency is slowly going down the drain because Alex-Rod has been selling it off to duplicate and rival’s accounts. If possible I think we need to forcibly speak out against this regime until it can be corrected. We need to get behind a proper man for the job in Poland, someone who has experience and is loyal to the cause. Not someone who sits idily by and watches his country go down the drain.

I will be supporting Poland cross borders in my own newspaper. Good Luck Poland. What needs to be done is another party needs to step in and PREVENT Alex-Rod from getting a second term as President of Poland, if this happens once more the country faces even more troubles. People of the e-world. The People of Eastern Europe turn to you for support in ending this tyrant’s siege of Poland.

Poland REALLY in Despair

Well this was an unpleasant surprise. Apparently the germans who were given mercy from sweden are now expanding their borders to the east. Ladies and Gentlemen this is an act from the menace from /v/akistan. Their god emperor is behing this immoral attack on our neighboor. I didn’t want to do this because I personally dont trust them but I think its time we send an alliance towards the heavy hitters in Europe – Norway and Sweden. We all know that our land is their next target and with their support we can at least defend ourselves.

Ivand and H.W. Out.


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