Interview with Alucard Bloodlust in it’s entirety

May 29, 2008

I’m about to start writing the full article that accompanies the interview. Here’s the full interview for you to browse through if you have the time. It took place over the course of two days, yesterday and today, and it was really good. This is gonna be a good one. I apologize for the odd spacing and messages like [Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 2:35 pm, but really, do you expect me to spend an hour going through it and editing it to look nice? This is raw data, I’m writing a proper article about it

Day one, 189:
[Emerick] 11:31 am: How much time do you have?
[Alucard] 11:32 am: Approximatelly 20 minutes
[Emerick] 11:32 am: Actually the red was better for me lol
[Alucard] 11:32 am: Very well
[Emerick] 11:32 am: Do you think another time would be better?
[Emerick] 11:32 am: (different backgrounds and all)
[Alucard] 11:33 am: Possibly. But if you have a few questions, I can answer some of them now.
[Emerick] 11:33 am: You don’t know when would be best?
[Emerick] 11:33 am: If not, yeah I’ll ask some now
[Emerick] 11:34 am: Also you’re respenses are slow……
[Alucard] 11:34 am: I should be free tomorrow, though what time is yet unknown.
[Emerick] 11:34 am: *response
[Alucard] 11:34 am: That would be a slow device. You see, I am only on the cutting edge of obsolete technology.
[Emerick] 11:34 am: When will you know? I don’t know when I’ll be able to get on, and I don’t want to try to check all through the day
[Emerick] 11:34 am: I figured
[Alucard] 11:36 am: I have additional duties to attend to, but most likely around 2:00 PM
[Emerick] 11:36 am: What time zone?
[Emerick] 11:36 am: I’m in central
[Alucard] 11:36 am: The time zone displayed here is accurate.
[Emerick] 11:37 am: What time zone are you in?
[Alucard] 11:37 am: Eastern.
[Emerick] 11:37 am: Ok, so 2:00 eastern tomorrow?
[Alucard] 11:38 am: sounds good. I shall try my best to finish my business by then
[Alucard] 11:38 am: in the meantime, I can answer one or two questions.
[Emerick] 11:38 am: Ok
[Emerick] 11:38 am: I’d rather it be one flowing conversation
[Emerick] 11:39 am: The one I had with Kaleb and Jordy was good
[Emerick] 11:39 am: But I guess I could ask some and we’d finish up tomorrow
[Alucard] 11:39 am: *nods* very well
[Alucard] 11:39 am: You may proceed
[Emerick] 11:40 am: Are you a paid mercinary or just a freelance fighter?
[Alucard] 11:41 am: I have been both in my eLifetime, but I have become a full time Mercenary since the U.S.-Canada war.
[Emerick] 11:41 am: What led to you becoming a merc?
[Private eating room #1]: Cowslayeggs has entered at 11:41 am
[Cowslayeggs] 11:42 am: Allo
[Emerick] 11:42 am: -_-
[Emerick] 11:42 am: We’re doing interviewing
[Cowslayeggs] 11:42 am: I’m sorry
[Cowslayeggs] 11:42 am: I’ll just leave, then
[Emerick] 11:43 am: Unless you have something to say to him…..
[Cowslayeggs] 11:43 am: about what?
[Emerick] 11:43 am: Just him in general
[Emerick] 11:43 am: He’s like the most badass guy in the eWorld
[Cowslayeggs] 11:44 am: but what about me? *cries*
[Emerick] 11:44 am: Ok lol
[Cowslayeggs] 11:44 am: naw, sorry for interupting, I’ll head back to the lounge
[Private eating room #1]: Cowslayeggs has left at 11:44 am
[Alucard] 11:44 am: Boredom mainly. eRepublik is a game of few options and fewer buttons. The life of a Mercenary allows you to work outside the system, and acquire wealth, and prestige in an unorthodox way. The war system allows you to test your might against your peers.
[Alucard] 11:45 am: I do not take much interest in Politics or business, so warfare was the most viable option.
[Emerick] 11:45 am: I feel the same way. That’s why I don’t want to become too wrapped up in being a mayor or congressman
[Emerick] 11:45 am: Moving around this past month has been really great
[Emerick] 11:46 am: What’s been your favorite war?
[Alucard] 11:46 am: Indeed, world travel broadens ones mind, and ones friends-list.
[Emerick] 11:46 am: lol so true
[Alucard] 11:47 am: Though it can make a dent in ones chequebook
[Private eating room #1]: Cowslayeggs has left at 11:48 am
[Alucard] 11:48 am: If one is bogged dowin in politics, ones vision begins to narrow. Potential allies become bitter rivals, and you find yourself tied down more and more to your party, your public, and your ideology. I do not need that.
[Emerick] 11:49 am: It also creates a bias, which is the main reason that I’ve tried to stay out of politics and business, me trying to be a journalist and all
[Alucard] 11:50 am: Mercenary work also provides a solid goal. Once you reach the Presidency, is there anything else left? In politics, the presidency is the pinacle of advancement, leaving nothing to look forward to. Why else do you think former Presidents often become professional soldiers?
[Emerick] 11:51 am: Well, I’d hope that a former president would continue working in politics, just at more of a grassroots level
[Emerick] 11:51 am: In a perfect world….
[Alucard] 11:51 am: With the military system, you have the next fight, upgrade, the next skill level to look forward to, and each advancement makes you stronger. Even once the pinacle is reached in rank, you can seek out other mercenaries at your level, and test your mettle against them.
[Alucard] 11:51 am: Oh god no. That would put them in contact with us. 😛
[Emerick] 11:52 am: lol
[Alucard] 11:52 am: Hm. My emoticon needs fangs.
[Emerick] 11:52 am: So, what’s been your favorite war?
[Alucard] 11:53 am: in all seriousness, I have met several of eRepublik’s Presidents, both on and off the battlefield, and find that they can be most reasonable. And tastey. mmm. President’s Choice.
[Alucard] 11:53 am: My favorite war?
[Alucard] 11:53 am: Most likely my first one, U.S. Canada War.
[Emerick] 11:53 am: I beat up the Canadian president in the US-Canadian war in my first fight
[Emerick] 11:54 am: I forget his name….
[Alucard] 11:54 am: And your president made quite a tasty morsel as well.
[Alucard] 11:55 am: Oddly, because of that war I feel a strange connection to Nave
[Emerick] 11:55 am: You messaged me and a few other people in the battle for Manitoba(including Nave), mocking us. Do you do that with all of your opponants?
[Emerick] 11:55 am: *opponents
[Emerick] 11:55 am: I actually moved away from Nave a little during that war….
[Emerick] 11:56 am: He’s still a cool guy though, but don’t tell him I said that
[Alucard] 11:56 am: Not always. I did originally during that war, but now I reserve my candid remarks for those who I deem worthy adversaries. With enough coaxing they may rejoin the fight.
[Emerick] 11:57 am: That was pretty cool
[Emerick] 11:58 am: We were all here, a few of us were in the que, and then Nave said that he got a weird message from you, and then I got one, and then everyone was talking about it
[Emerick] 11:58 am: I lol’d
[Alucard] 11:58 am: In regards to Nave, my connection stems from the fact that he seems the only truly worthy adversary, the only ranking equal. I yearn to drain him once more and prove myself the superior. Just thinking of licking the gore from his ivory skull is enough to make me salivate!
[Alucard] 11:59 am: Additionally, mocking comes with the job when I am hired. I am paid to fight for the counry or individual in question, and thus my skills must employ more than just conventional warfare. I must move into the field of Psychological and Economic warfare as well.
[Emerick] 12:00 pm: You’ve won over 100 battles, possibly you’re the only person to surpass Nave. Do you use Gold to buy wellness packs?
[Alucard] 12:00 pm: When the world hires me, they do not hire a soldier, they hire a warrior.
[Emerick] 12:01 pm: You clearly take the job seriously, that’s nice to see
[Emerick] 12:03 pm: …..hello?
[Alucard] 12:03 pm: I use a combonation. I have several high-placed friends within eRepublik who first invited me here. They exist in several countries, and we have formed an informal gifting clan. Usually I seek out hospitals if they exist to keep my costs down. But several business leaders and wealthy individuals have sponsored me as well, particularly in the early stages. Now that I have established myself, however; I can match my price with that of my costs.
[Alucard] 12:03 pm: of course the occasional purchase of gold occasionally helps.
[Emerick] 12:04 pm: Well, Gold is really the only way to fight after losing twice.
[Private eating room #1]: Dnouser has left at 12:04 pm
[Alucard] 12:05 pm: Naturally. As such I demand all payments in gold. After all, currency is of little value when the state no longer exists.
[Alucard] 12:05 pm: I still have 55 of Switzerland’s currency which I need to unload.
[Emerick] 12:06 pm: That’s a pain, but it can’t be that much
[Emerick] 12:06 pm: Why were you in Washington today?
[Alucard] 12:06 pm: Where do you think your Q4 Weapons went?
[Emerick] 12:07 pm: Oh, screw you
[Alucard] 12:07 pm: Like I said, when you hire me, you get Conventional, Psychological, and Economic warfare! BA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
[Emerick] 12:07 pm: Alright, but I’m in Pakistan right now, so it doesn’t effect me personally
[Emerick] 12:08 pm: So I’m good
[Alucard] 12:08 pm: Hm, I have not tasted the Pakistani’s since U.S.-Canada…
[Emerick] 12:08 pm: Where are you from originally? Where did you start?
[Emerick] 12:09 pm: I’m gonna fight them for the first time in this war
[Alucard] 12:09 pm: Don’t expect much from their expeditionary forces. They make poor meals. It is the Defensive forces which generally put up a fight.
[Emerick] 12:10 pm: Well I only have one medal, so I need all the easy fightes I can get
[Alucard] 12:11 pm: Pakistani expeditionary forces bring the intention to fight, but do not posess the will to do all that is neccessary to win.
[Alucard] 12:11 pm: Unless they are protecting their home turf.
[Alucard] 12:12 pm: That is one of the reasons I prefer to ally with Defenders, for you do not see great heroism unless it is countered by great hardship.
[Emerick] 12:12 pm: Why are you going with Germany? Are they actually paying you?
[Private eating room #1]: Daphne has left at 12:13 pm
[Alucard] 12:13 pm: The German Government is not, yet. I have been endorsed by several private individuals. Additionally, with a dead president, there was no one for me to contact in Poland.
[Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 12:14 pm
[Emerick] 12:14 pm: Are they your friends? I don’t see why they would think they need much help, especially with the Paki forces joing them
[Alucard] 12:15 pm: Additionally, I feel a connection with Sulla. He is a man who faced the greatest threat in his country, and yet instead of backing down for his Swedish oppressors, he embraced his defeat and used it as motivation to rebuild his nation.
[Alucard] 12:15 pm: Not all of them. Most are just concerned individuals
[Alucard] 12:15 pm: But alas my time is up.
[Emerick] 12:15 pm: Alright, tomorrow at 2?
[Alucard] 12:15 pm: And I bid you Adieu!
[Alucard] 12:15 pm: 2 PM, if possible
[Emerick] 12:16 pm: ok, I’ll be here
[Private eating room #1]: Alucard has left at 12:16 pm
[Emerick] 12:16 pm: See ya then

And day 2, 190:
[Private eating room #1]: Emerick has entered at 2:35 pm
[Emerick] 2:35 pm: Hey
[Emerick] 2:35 pm: You decided not to fraternize with the eAmericans?
[Alucard] 2:35 pm: Good day
[Alucard] 2:36 pm: I prefer not to play with my food.
[Alucard] 2:36 pm: it’s just bad manners
[Emerick] 2:36 pm: Well that’s no fun
[Alucard] 2:37 pm: Actually, I had work to catch up on, and I used the opportunity.
[Emerick] 2:37 pm: What kind of work?
[Alucard] 2:38 pm: The culling of a species from my den, and dessecrating its corpse.
[Alucard] 2:38 pm: lawn mowin’
[Emerick] 2:38 pm: Ah
[Emerick] 2:38 pm: Is it safe for you to be out at this time of the day?
[Alucard] 2:39 pm: The trick is to wear lots of sunscreen and say you’re Albino-Cambodian.
[Emerick] 2:39 pm: Good call
[Alucard] 2:39 pm: Fun to scare the kids though.
[Emerick] 2:40 pm: I don’t know if you answered this last time: Where are you originally from?
[Alucard] 2:40 pm: I did, and it was London, England.
[Alucard] 2:41 pm: At least in eRepublik. I prefer to keep my RL location as confidential as possible.
[Emerick] 2:41 pm: Right, I understand that
[Emerick] 2:41 pm: I don’t think you did
[Emerick] 2:41 pm: I remember asking that twice and you didn’t answer it
[Alucard] 2:42 pm: It was your first question. It led me to speak of starting in London, and then led us to speaking of
world traveling.
[Emerick] 2:43 pm: This was my first question: [Emerick] 11:40 am: Are you a paid mercinary or just a freelance
[Emerick] 2:43 pm: I’m going through the conversation, I can’t find it
[Alucard] 2:43 pm: Hm. I may have been thinking of your PM then.
[Emerick] 2:44 pm: But I could just copy my eRepublik pm
[Emerick] 2:44 pm: You answered that pretty nicely
[Alucard] 2:44 pm: thank you
[Emerick] 2:44 pm: Alright, well next question
[Alucard] 2:45 pm: You may proceed
[Emerick] 2:47 pm: You hold your opponents in a special place in your heart, so I’ve observed. Some you simply
feast on, and a select few you admire for their battel prowess. Is there a certain nationality(as a whole) that you hold
especially high? And one you see as a particularly tastely meal?
[Alucard] 2:47 pm: Yes, actually.
[Emerick] 2:50 pm: … you want to expand on that?
[Alucard] 2:51 pm: I have a great respect for both the Germans and the Canadians. The Canadians have thus far
been the only nation I have observed to have completely turned back a hostile invasion. While in Canada, they
displayed a tenacity and such courage that I have yet to see again. I do not care what any programer, veteran or
skeptic says; there are only two things that matters in the battle equation: the weapon in your hand and the fire in
your heart. In Korea I saw one man, with only 1.2 strength and
[Emerick] 2:51 pm: God, why do you always do that lol
[Alucard] 2:52 pm: 60 wellness turn back six mercenaries and japanese soldiers, all of whome with a skill level of
4.5+ and only went down to defeat after I struck him down.
[Alucard] 2:54 pm: The Canadians have that fire in their hearts when their land and lives are threatened. These people
found themselves conquered through illicit means, and yet continued the war by unconventional means after they
were captured. That takes skill, intelligence and an admirable amount of determination.
[Alucard] 2:55 pm: As for the Germans, these are a people who nearly lost everything, and yet here they are,
replacing that which they lost. These are a people who were dealt a shitty hand, and instead of folding, they slapped
the dealer and played on. You have to admire that.
[Alucard] 2:58 pm: As for my meals, I always leap at the opportunity to engage the Swedes. These are a people who
offer a real challenge. They are the Ultra-Rare Filet Mignon of soldiers.
[Alucard] 12:58 pm: The norse on the other hand seem to be the opposite

[Alucard] 1:03 pm: As I was saying, Sweden’s neighbours the Norse were the opposite. I battled them in Russia alongside a Mercenary named Fallen Angel, one of Patton’s boys I think. You might as well view the battle while listening to Benny Hill music. Naturally we lost some wellness, but these Norse just didn’t have the will, or the weapons to contend with us. It is there that I gained some 30-40 kills.
[Alucard] 1:05 pm: Personally, I had to return to Germany and Korea a couple of times to fight the swedes and Japanese because I was getting bored by the Norse.
[Emerick] 1:05 pm: Is it true that you form a special camaraderie with people you may have never met before if you fight alongside them?
[Alucard] 1:09 pm: Ah, this is true. Several people spring immediatelly to mind: Bomb Creator, Near, Vincent Valentine, Fallen Angel, Joe Aitken, Billy-Bob Joe, Banach and yourself. But with mercenary work taking you all across the world, it can be difficult to keep in touch.
[Alucard] 1:09 pm: I was very saddened to see Bomb Creator fall to the dark side of Mercenary work.
[Emerick] 1:10 pm: The dark side?
[Alucard] 1:13 pm: Yes. Bomb Creator was banned for flagrant multi-accounting. In retrospect it was quite obvious, for brand new accounts popped up in Korea and Japan during the war, fought once, and died. Meanwhile, you could track the gold created by these accounts flowing into Bomb-Creators funds. Gold fuels us mercenaries, but BC did not know where to draw the line. When we run out of gold, we seek payment. If our payment is not met, we stop fighting, and our employer thus suffers until they give us the gold.
[Alucard] 1:14 pm: But BC got too involved in the war, and instead tried to create his own gold in an act of desperation. I had served with him and against him in Korea, Japan, Germany and Switzerland, so we had formed somewhat of a bond.
[Alucard] 1:14 pm: I was saddened to see him fall so.
[Emerick] 1:15 pm: That was….really stupid
[Emerick] 1:16 pm: Although I can see how he could get that desperate
[Alucard] 1:16 pm: It is hard to fight against anger, for man will buy revenge with his soul.
[Alucard] 1:17 pm: B.C. may have made the war personal.
[Emerick] 1:17 pm: I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday
[Emerick] 1:18 pm: And this is the best I can come up with: ‘ v-v ‘
[Emerick] 1:18 pm: …it sucks, but I did all I can do
[Alucard] 1:18 pm: Hm. I was trying to figure out a sideways “W” but ah well.
[Alucard] 1:19 pm: ‘vjv’
[Emerick] 1:19 pm: I don’t like sideways emotioans
[Emerick] 1:19 pm: They always make me want to tilt my head….
[Alucard] 1:20 pm: I suppose I’ve grown used to them.
[Alucard] 1:20 pm: The anger quote comes from Heraclites, 500 BC.
[Emerick] 1:21 pm: Nice one
[Alucard] 1:22 pm: thank you
[Emerick] 1:24 pm: When I write the article, I like to put music videos at the end, so people have something to listen to while they read and whatnot, and sometimes the song is paired with the story
[Emerick] 1:24 pm: Do you have a video you want me to put in there?
[Alucard] 1:24 pm: Ha ha, one moment
[Alucard] 1:25 pm: there are two possible songs to add, I merely have to find the videos for them.
[Emerick] 1:26 pm: Alright
[Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 1:26 pm
[Emerick] 1:26 pm: Which ones?
[Alucard] 1:27 pm: oh. perfect
[Alucard] 1:27 pm:
[Alucard] 1:27 pm: incredibly fitting
[Emerick] 1:29 pm: Do you know that the Germans are attacking at 0:00 eRep time?
[Alucard] 1:29 pm: I am not surprised. It is the most efficient way of winning a region.
[Emerick] 1:30 pm: That true
[Emerick] 1:30 pm: Just passing on the message
[Emerick] 1:30 pm: *that’s
[Emerick] 1:30 pm: Awe, Breaking Benjamin?
[Emerick] 1:30 pm: How genaric can you be lol
[Alucard] 1:31 pm: The lyrics are fitting
[Emerick] 1:31 pm: Alright, I’ll use it
[Alucard] 1:31 pm: But I will seek out others
[Emerick] 1:32 pm: No, I don’t have anything against BB, I just don’t listen to it personally
[Alucard] 1:33 pm: Very well
[Alucard] 1:33 pm: It is the only song of theirs I enjoy
[Alucard] 1:34 pm: Anything else?
[Emerick] 1:34 pm: I’m going over the interview and seeing if I get any ideas
[Emerick] 1:35 pm: Do you want to talk about how much you get paid?
[Alucard] 1:37 pm: As a rule I keep the details of my payments descrete, as many of my customers perfer to remain annonymous. I will say that my payments have ranged between 5 and the low hundreds of gold.
[Emerick] 1:38 pm: Low hundreds?
[Emerick] 1:38 pm: As in 1 or 2 hundred Gold?
[Alucard] 1:38 pm: Maybe more, maybe less.
[Emerick] 1:40 pm: Where do you see the next big war?
[Emerick] 1:40 pm: And where would you stand in that war?
[Alucard] 1:40 pm: As an independant mercenary, it is important to find individuals and nations who share the same goals, and extract payments from each to ensure that 1. no one person or state is bankrupted by my fees; and 2. to maximize my own intake.
[Alucard] 1:40 pm: That is hard to say, as you would have to define “Big.”
[Alucard] 1:41 pm: Big as in the clash of superpowers, equal territories, or full blown world war.
[Alucard] 1:42 pm: *?
[Private eating room #1]: ThisGenMedia has left at 1:42 pm
[Emerick] 1:42 pm: Equal territories
[Emerick] 1:42 pm: And then world war
[Alucard] 1:47 pm: Hm. In regards to a world war, I would expect one between Norway and Pakistan first.
[Alucard] 1:47 pm: The problem is, the defensive bonus has created an atmosphere of fear surrounding such a war.
[Alucard] 1:49 pm: Both sides are confident that they would win, and confident that their allies would come to their aid. But the 150% bonus for defenders could easily become the deciding factor. Both the NA and Asians wish to destroy each other, but no one wants to be the one who starts it, because no one wants to lose the defender bonus.
[Alucard] 1:49 pm: As for equal war… that one is more difficult to predict.
[Emerick] 1:49 pm: Which side would you expect to contact you?
[Alucard] 1:50 pm: Both sides. BA HA HA HA HA HA!
[Emerick] 1:50 pm: lol of course
[Emerick] 1:51 pm: Which would you take?
[Alucard] 1:52 pm: I suspect the highest bidder, who may not neccessarily be either one.
[Emerick] 1:52 pm: Ah, that’s good to know
[Emerick] 1:52 pm: We don’t want mercs who favor certain countries
[Alucard] 1:53 pm: Yes, a Mercenary should be as mobile and flexible as possible.
[Alucard] 1:53 pm: Which is why I have so little respect for certain mercenary groups.
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: Alright, I think we’re pretty much done
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: A few quick shot questions:
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: Favorite band?
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: Favorite instrument?
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: Favorite snack?
[Emerick] 1:54 pm: Favorite color?
[Emerick] 1:55 pm: (if you say sanguine, I swear to god……)
[Emerick] 1:55 pm: Best way cook eggs?
[Emerick] 1:55 pm: Horses: bareback or saddled?
[Emerick] 1:56 pm: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
[Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 1:57 pm
[Alucard] 1:57 pm: Pearl Jam, I can’t deny my childhood.
Axe (Not a guitar, a real axe)
Americans. They’re greasy and fattening, but they do make a good snack.
Blood Red
The say same way I like my women and my coffee: Picked in columbia, ground up, thrown in a sack and draped over the back of a donkey. (too much?)
[Alucard] 1:57 pm: ME!
[Alucard] 1:58 pm: or, correction:
Horses: bareback
chicken or egg: ME!
[Private eating room #1]: Justinious has left at 1:58 pm
[Apu->Emerick] 1:58 pm: what are you and Alucard discussing?
[Alucard] 2:01 pm: anything else?
[Emerick] 2:05 pm: What do think about the recent bans and new restrictions by the admins?
[Emerick] 2:05 pm: This is just personal curiosity
[Benn->Emerick] 2:05 pm: who’s alucard?
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: I know you don’t use the forums that much, or at all…and besides your lust for human flesh, your words are usually tasteful and PC
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: …well maybe not
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: But do you think it’ll affect the game?
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: And do you think that it’s just wrong?
[Alucard] 2:06 pm: Over-reacting, in my opinion. Some are neccessary, such as the Multi-accounters; but some of those who have been banned merely spoke their mind. I can understand if the admins want to start enforcing their rules, but really they should begin effective immediatelly, and not ban retroactively.
[Alucard] 2:08 pm: They’ve banned quite a few people for posts made months ago. That is the equivilant of punishing a child for breaking a lamp 20 years after they did so. I would have thought we’d have moved on at this point.
[Alucard] 2:08 pm: I usually avoid the forums because I prefer intelligent conversation.
[Emerick] 2:08 pm: Aw, they’re not that bad
[Alucard] 2:08 pm: Rather than play “Six degrees of Dio-Brando.”
[Emerick] 2:09 pm: Okay, there’s a point lol
[Alucard] 2:10 pm: I believe it will temporarily affect the game, but either the Admins will get lazy, or the forumites will adjust. Those who cannot adjust will either flame out, or disappear.
[Alucard] 2:12 pm: I have no objection to removing the idiots from the game. It’s called Natural Selection; and when Mother Nature needs a break, I take over.
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: Okay well, I don’t have anything else to ask
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: Do you have anything extra that you want to say?
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: Or any questions that you wish I would’ve asked?
[Alucard] 2:15 pm: Well I suppose I can give out advice to aspiring mercenaries.
[Alucard] 2:19 pm: 1. Quality 4 is your friend. Never buy any weapon lower than Q3 unless you have no other choice. Q4 food keeps a mobile mercenary’s wellness up better than any gift.
2. Always have at least 2 moving tickets in your inventory. A mercenary is useless without an exit strategy, otherwise you get stuck in a conquered territory and unable to participate in the next mission.
3. No loss is a failure. Even the lowly meatshield absorbs his enemies weaponry, and through it his strength, making him a prime
[Private eating room #1]: Belea2008 has entered at 2:20 pm
[Emerick->Benn] 2:20 pm: Ok thx
[Belea2008] 2:20 pm: Guys… what are doing here?
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: I’m stuck in Pakistan right now
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: I’m interviewing Alucard
[Belea2008] 2:22 pm: On what subject?
[Belea2008] 2:22 pm: Can i watch?
[Emerick] 2:22 pm: His eLife
[Emerick] 2:22 pm: Being the most badass guy in eRep and all
[Alucard] 2:22 pm: target for the next round.
4. Avoid mercenary groups. These are the most inefficent form of fighters. Let me give you a real life example. In the US Canada war I was a member of the Black Hand. After three days of war, I still had no orders, so I took it on myself to defend the Canadians. The Black Hand finally arrived some 2 weeks later, too late for the war. In that time I had acquired more kills than all of their members combined. They are nothing but glorified nannies.
[Emerick] 2:24 pm: You can watch, sure
[Emerick] 2:24 pm: Do you have anything to ask?
[Emerick] 2:24 pm: We’re pretty much wrapping up
[Alucard] 2:24 pm: Oh, on your comment on the exit strategy, I feel experience is the best teacher. Remember the new guy in Korea who knocked down 6 enemies?
[Emerick] 2:25 pm: Yeah
[Alucard] 2:25 pm: That would be little Inigo Montoya, who followed me into Switzerland. He’s still stuck in France because he didn’t listen when I said, “buy two moving tickets.”
[Alucard] 2:26 pm: Pain, Embarassment and disappointment are natures way of saying: “yeah, bet you’re not gonna do that again are you asswipe?”
[Emerick] 2:26 pm: lol
[Alucard] 2:26 pm: There’s no teacher better than a swift kick in the ass.
[Emerick] 2:27 pm: That’s true, but you have to be receptive
[Belea2008] 2:27 pm: (i have some noob questions…. i don’t know if Alucard answered yet to them… 🙂 )
[Emerick] 2:27 pm: Some people never learn
[Alucard] 2:28 pm: 5. Don’t rely on just one customer, you can maximize your profit and theirs by seeking multiple sponsors. Business leaders are quite prone to this, what with war profiteering and all.
[Belea2008] 2:28 pm: (can I?)
[Alucard] 2:28 pm: Very well
[Belea2008] 2:28 pm: Alu…. i see that you don’t have a hous…. why is that?
[Belea2008] 2:29 pm: *Alucard… *house
[Alucard] 2:29 pm: A house is unneccessary for a Mercenary. We need to be as mobile as possible, and once you leave a country, your house is gone until you return. Q4 Food is the Mercenary’s second-best friend.
[Emerick] 2:30 pm: Your house tracels with you
[Emerick] 2:30 pm: *travel
[Belea2008] 2:30 pm: Actually… no…. in this Beta version… you keep the house when you move…
[Alucard] 2:31 pm: Well then, let’s just say I’m more of a closed-padded area type of guy.
[Emerick] 2:31 pm: lol
[Belea2008] 2:31 pm: =))
[Belea2008] 2:31 pm: Next question: no donations… so you do business using the exchange market…. is this not risky?
[Alucard] 2:33 pm: Hardly, it is the lowest form or risk. By recieving my payments through the Exchange market, I can make use of dead currencies and recieve instant notification of my payment, while my customer can remain anonymous. I, like many people prefer my privacy, and many of my regular customers prefer it even more.
[Belea2008] 2:35 pm: Next question: from what I can tell you had 3 employers until now… how much did you received? Or waht was the media? (in fact, I’m interested how much GOLD you spend on one day of war?
[Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 2:35 pm
[Private eating room #1]: Apu has left at 2:36 pm
[Alucard] 2:37 pm: I am not sure I understand the question. Do you refer to my Mercenary employers or my Weapons employers? Similarly, what do you mean by the Media?
As for the GOLD, as I said, I am a man who prefers my privacy.
[Belea2008] 2:38 pm: Nevermind… you’re not going to tell me your profit as a mercenary…. 🙂
[Belea2008] 2:39 pm: Next question….
[Alucard] 2:40 pm: For a warrior, the security of information is always paramount. It is important that I keep such information as vague or secret as possible for the benefit of my customers.
[Belea2008] 2:40 pm: I know… I know…..
[Belea2008] 2:40 pm: Let me ask you another thing…. how much your services cost?
[Emerick] 2:41 pm: I already asked him a similiar question
[Belea2008] 2:41 pm: And what did he answer?
[Alucard] 2:42 pm: Again I must be vague. My rates have varied between a flat fee, and that of a commission. Sometimes this commission is for the amount of kills, and sometimes the commission is in regards to how many times I am defeated.
[Emerick] 2:43 pm: Oh yeah, I forgot to ask about your medals
[Emerick] 2:43 pm: How did you get them?
[Alucard] 2:46 pm: They were awarded to me by Chancellor Sulla of Germany and President Antonio of Fonti of the former Switzerland. The Iron Cross I recieved for slaughtering 21 swedes on the field of battle.
[Alucard] 2:47 pm: The order of Swiss Knighthood I recieved for slaughtering 12 frenchmen and a couple italians.
[Emerick] 2:48 pm: Would you ever create a country like Outer Heaven? That is, a place for mercinaries to thrive, one that is a haven for people who profit from war….that houses and welcomes individuals who’s main purpose is fighting. Or do you think that it would be useless? That it’sbetter to justchoose a country with good companies and prices, like you’ve already done?
[Alucard] 2:48 pm: Personally I think I may have deserved the First class, but I was not the one giving out the award.
[Emerick] 2:48 pm: There’s plenty of ironing out of the concept, but you get the main idea
[Alucard] 2:48 pm: No. It would be invaded by Pakistan.
[Belea2008] 2:48 pm: Yes… I’m curious about that question…
[Belea2008] 2:49 pm: Choose South Africa….
[Belea2008] 2:49 pm: Seriously….
[Emerick] 2:49 pm: You really think so?
[Belea2008] 2:49 pm: Yes….
[Emerick] 2:49 pm: Sorry, that was @Alucard
[Belea2008] 2:50 pm: k
[Alucard] 2:50 pm: of course. The larger powers will never respect anyones borders unless they can be countered by force of the individual nation, or the combined power of an MPP system.
[Alucard] 2:50 pm: Would you like me to provide examples?
[Belea2008] 2:51 pm: Yes… I would.
[Emerick] 2:51 pm: India, China?
[Alucard] 3:07 pm: Pakistan has the collective insanity needed to start such a war, but this is countered by their knowledge of the importance of the Defensive
Bonus. neither power wants to start the war because they will be denied the crucial 150% defenders bonus, which could easly turn the tide.
[Alucard] 3:07 pm: and I do not arrange contracts in a public forum.
[Belea2008] 3:08 pm: Okay.
[Emerick] 3:08 pm: Yeah, I remember that
[Emerick] 3:09 pm: Pakistan doesn’t have the force required to attack Sweden anyways
[Emerick] 3:09 pm: The only way they’d have a chance is if Sweden attacked them
[Alucard] 3:10 pm: And sweden won’t do that with their defensive bonus.
[Alucard] 3:10 pm: At any rate, it is time for me to feed
[Belea2008] 3:10 pm: Okay…
[Emerick] 3:11 pm: But then again, as soon as Pakistan drives them out of their land, Pakistan would be on the offensive, and I’m not sure if MPP’s work in that
[Emerick] 3:11 pm: Thanks for coming Alucard
[Belea2008] 3:11 pm: Emerick, do we move in the Lounge…
[Belea2008] 3:11 pm: Happy feeding, Alucard!
[Emerick] 3:11 pm: You’re welcome here anytime, and if we ever hire you, this is where you should come
[Belea2008] 3:11 pm: ?
[Emerick] 3:11 pm: btw, send me that email
[Alucard] 3:11 pm: It was my pleasure.
[Alucard] 3:12 pm: I sent it about 20 minutes ago
[Emerick] 3:12 pm: Ah, okay
[Emerick] 3:12 pm: Well, I’ll see you in Germany
[Alucard] 3:12 pm: Yes… but on which side of the battle lines? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!




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