Poland vs Germany, Day 3

May 29, 2008

Poland v Germany, Day 3

Dust has settled in 3 more regions of the German/Poland conflict, this time without a German victory. What was meant to be a war between two small nations, one better prepared than the other, more experienced in combat, and looking to climb out of the shadows that it had been lurking in since it had been crippled by the advancing Swedish empire, is now a war that the world is participating in, in large numbers.

Looking at the number of battles will tell it all. Polish victories in battle, a mere 70. Victories from it’s allies, 336 combined. Most of those fighters are moving in from other parts of the world including Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK among others. Honolulu has seen it’s population spike well over 70 people since the start of the war. It’s beaches and sandwich shops, armories, and gift surplus have dwindled heavily since the start of the war.

Now, for the first time in the war, battles turn to German soil. The Polish (the few that are there), and their allies look at retaking Pomerania, and the possible fall of Berlin. Berlin has already seen it’s fair share of blood spilled on it’s streets during the course of the Swedish invasion, with 360 battles occuring in the first round. Now, comes the second. Germany has a depleted market, and looks to make a stand to keep her own independance. The aggresor has effectively become the defender, and with all eyes on the old capitol building, we shall see what happens. Will the Polish stop at independance, or will they march towards an invasion of their own? Only time will tell.

On the Polish side, world opinion varies. Some freedom fighters are there simply to keep Poland a free nation. Whether they like the current administration, which consists simply of a Mayor in the largest region, or not they want Poland to remain free of German rule. Those people probably will not attack German land. On the other hand, there are others, like the Swedes, who may simply continue the push towards extinction of the true German State. This would open the avenue for them to attack Poland, since they cannot attack Germany due to the Non-Aggresion Pact they signed at the end of the first conflict.

On the German supplies, they still have the support of their allies, but they need supplies. With a high tax it is simply not affordable to the citizens of Germany to export there due to their tax rates. In time of war, imports and supplies are sorely needed, whether they come from allied nations (they already have economic treaties with four other countries) or otherwise. The advantage they have in manpower is simply being overwhelmed by their lack of quality goods and the defense bonus.



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