eAmericans think that June 1st was A Successful Day for eAmerica

June 2, 2008

“The 194th day in eRepublik may appear to have little meaning when seen in black and white, but upon delving into what has happened today, militarily, politically, socially, AND economically, America is going through a time of flourish.


Many of you soldiers are well aware of the military status in America, and that is one of activity. We are involved in two wars: one in completely dominating Germany in the war on Poland and another with assisting Czech Republic in their war with Hungary. Thus far, Americans have battles their asses off left and right. The facts speak for themselves. Although we have had our hands full against Germany, offering over 400 wins, we have shown that we can stand strong in different realms as well, coming up with more wins than the Czechs as of now.

There has been much doubt that America cannot honor her numerous MPPs, but that is a flagrant lie. Those who declared war on countries allied with America have not been very successful. Germany has gotten lucky with their last-minute battles, and the Czechs are seeing land-lock thus far, proving that even when we have positioned ourselves as neutral, America is a force to be reckoned with.


If you have not checked recently, nearly 200 people voted this general election, and the day isn’t even over! Dishmcds, who I fully believe to be the rightful and most deserving president, is leading with around 60 votes, next to Justinious, who seems to be getting most of his votes from new RI members — an organization that I welcome into America and will touch in the Societal section of this article.

Although only ~%20 of the US population has voted thus far, I think America has taken a step forward by putting Dishmcds into office, and by showing that there are many active citizens out there that do have a voice. I’m glad to see political competition in a day that many thought to be a boring-to-be election.


There has been an influx of new citizens from an online social board, GameFAQs. They are dominating Baton Rogue with their 40+ population, but are they helping the US? Many of you have your doubts, here is my two cents:

Positives: New citizens are ALWAYS welcome. I, for one, have hired many of them into my moving company, and I am happy that we have been mutually endorsed. In the future, RIers will be able to fill government positions, contribute in wars (either defending the US, helping the US, or helping another country), fill local positions, and maybe even start up successful companies.

Negatives: RI, or Random Insanity, is the group they consider themselves under. Unfortunately, they may be showing signs of social solationalism. If RIers can learn to logically work together in America, then we can achieve quality in an area that seems to be dominated by quantity. They have been massing towards Baton Rogue, a region that will never be the same. Working together similar to the ways Pakistan works together (do not confuse that reference as one with a negative denotation), RIers have power, and with this power comes much responsibility. So far, little responsibility has been shown, such as the flooding of the US media. I know, however, this will change, especially when leaders are assigned to govern RIers.


Since the two wars with CR and Poland, America has seen a large augmentation of GDP. Not only this, but it seems that the weapons, moving, housing, and gifts markets are being sold out rapidly, which is a sure sign of growth. After the current wars, hopefully America will be able to recover and, after that, we will be stronger than ever. Alongside the affects of war, RIers will be able to help mass-produce.”



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