Official Happenings and Positions within the US Government

June 2, 2008

So, in light of recent events, and the tons of articles that have been put out regarding war and what the US is officially doing, here’s a bried (well for me anyway) run down as to those things.


First, I would like to say thank you to all the people that have voted for me, and urge everyone to do the same. As I have pointed out here, there’s ten perfectly good reasons that I am better suited for the position.

War Updates – Poland v Germany

I would like to reiterate that the US Government is not endorsing Americans to fight for Poland. If you choose to do so, then you join the hundreds of freedom fighters that are doing so from our sandy beaches in Honolulu. You will not be reprimanded nor judged, but I would like to say that you are depleting your own wellness, and unless you are above 3 strength I would not suggest you fight anyway, as the attackers are all almost 4-6 strength, and will have high quality weapons, etc. If you have any questions about the MPP with Poland and what happened to it, you can see the post I made here. It should answer those questions for you. Whether you agree with them or not, that’s the stance of the US Government. Please quit posting otherwise.

War Notification – Czech Republic v Hungary

Let me make this very clear. When the war vs Poland broke out, we tried contacting every country we had an MPP with to see how valid it was to our own National Interests. We contacted the Czech Republic, and didnt receive a response. From the impression we got from several people was that their President had been inactive for several weeks.

Our official involvement in this war is going to remain neutral. It is not due to their inactive President or their country in general. Due to our general population, including some of our army fighting in the German conflict we cannot afford at this point to officially get involved. The more we get involved, the lower our productivity will be, and the more it will hurt our own economy. This decision comes after consulting with several of our allies and our current government officials, myself included. If you choose to fight, you are free to do so, but the United States will not order anyone to do so.

Governmental Positions

With today being election day, and most of our government spots un-announced, I have appointed several people to head departments which needed to have people in them. Should I get elected these people will remain in those positions, and will carry out their duties. We have been unemployed as a government for over three weeks now, and can no longer afford to be empty at vital spots when discussing matters of both National welfare on the domestic front, as well as our National Security Branch. There are still several positions that have not been chosen, and I will not do so unless I win the elections today.

Vice President – Unfilled. I have not found a suitable candidate for this as of yet.

Chief of Staff – Daphne Lilac

Daphne will oversee all branches of the government and report to me as the Vice President in areas that need change, amendment, and improvement.

National Security Council – Esoom

Esooom has been a member of our NSC for well over three months, and knows the current set up but also sees inadequecies that he can fix. He will outline his own plans for the NSC should he be permanently appointed, but for now he will handle any matters, including the oversight of the DoD Medic until final appointment.

United Healthcare Service – Pearlswine

Pearl currently oversees the National Gifting Program, and is perfect for this. Oversight will include hospital placement (outlined later) and coordination on the gift program on the National Level.

Hospital Services Director – Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam will communicate between our hospital manufacturing company and each Mayor of the regions that are chosen to receive the three Q4 hospitals we plan on placing throughout the US based on strategic coordination and population.

-Healthcare Plan

Our healthcare plan on the hospital end will run through FAQs Corporation. It will be upgraded to Q4 with the help of our “Project Two Birds” which was started by Korbin, and subsidized to keep costs in control (only partly subsidized). Once those three hospitals are placed, we will then look to export Q4 hospitals that will be high in demand.

Domestic Economic Advisor – Archibald

Archibald is knowledgable to our economic systems, and will help me run our domestic economy. He will work closely with Justinious (outlined later) to coordinate between our foreign trade and domestic capabilities.

Office of Foreign Trade – Justinious

Justin will analyze markets that are good exports and also that could supplement the markets we need improvement in (such as weapons) and recommend trade deals with the US. He will be the contact point for foreign leaders to talk to in terms of economics, and will then relay the information to myself and Archibald so we can do our own analysis on the different areas. This will also include exchanging our foreign currency at good rates throughout the world either for gold or USD.

As I have stated, these are not permanent but given the world situation right now and the microscope on the US, it’s nice for people to know that we still have strong leadership behind us.


Vice President of the United States
Presidential Hopeful, June 08


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