The 5th Decimal

June 2, 2008

Finally! We are going to have more decimals in the monetary exchange. I’m very pleased with this not least because I’ve been petitioning for it for a couple of months now!

This helps with fixing a particular exploit but what we really need is to be able to do make offers of currency to Gold in more decimals! Even a third decimal would make a big difference.

This is going to be really good for the economy of the game and further improve the accuracy of the game as an economical simulation.

A couple of predictions I would like to make if this happens:

1) The gap between the buy and sell rates of most currencies will narrow significantly. In some countries this gap is quite large and citizens are often able to make money buy capitalising on this differntial. This will now be harder to do.

2) Expect several currencies to devalue further. PTE and ESP are two currencies that are likely to start dropping significantly. This will have the knock on effect of creating further inflation in those currencies.


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