US War Effects: Today’s Analysis

June 2, 2008

Today we will have several updates on the war and how it has effected our economy in small examples. This is not a thorough exam, but just brief for each industry.


Yesterday and today we are starting to see our food market reduced due to the amount of people enjoying our healthcare systems in Honolulu. Apparently, they are buying our fine food as well. Food Training, in particular, has sold close to 450 units of food since the start of the war. We still need to look at exporting for those companies with huge amount of surplus, but things are certainly going in the right direction.


With the war, comes the need for gifts. Our gift market is booming at the moment, although supply will eventually get low. Overpricing is also an issue here, as supply and demand are going to get out of balance and we cannot afford to gouge. It will only hurt our markets considerably.


We can finally say we have a stable market in the US. While they are not selling like hotcakes, so to speak, the supply is finally starting to reach the market and be available when someone wants to buy a home. With enough care, we can get someone in this industry to Q4 at some point and not worry about worker shortage anymore.

Moving Tickets

Here’s our problem child. Our supply in this area is deperately lacking, and the demand has raised prices considerably. Q2 tickets cost on average 80 USD now (as opposed to 40 a month ago) and Q1 is now up to 56. We need to put a stop to the price raising if anyone is going to be able to afford them.


Our domestic weapons market has been lacking for some time, so most of the weapons on the market are going to be imports. We have Guns N Stuff, which doesnt produce enough to be a constant supplier, and a few smaller companies but overall we are hurting in both quality and quantity.


Well, we’ve beat this dead horse enough during the campaign I’ll just leave it alone for the time being.

Update on the War

Germany took control of two more Polish regions yesterday, and look for another successful day with 3 more open battlefields. As soldiers from around the world poured into Honolulu to defend Poland (never thought I would actually have to put those two places in the same sentence), Poland and their allies are starting to break under the constant pressure and coordination of the German attack. Neither country can afford a prolonged war with it’s expense and supply necessities, and both will be crippled for a long while to rebuild. If Germany can keep it’s march going over the next two days, then Poland is in deep trouble. It might not be today, but if Poland can successfully stave off the German advance in two or three regions combined and turn the battle back to German controlled regions they may be able to force a cease fire. We’ll all have to wait and see.


Tomorrow’s the big day. I would like to remind America that they need to get out and vote tomorrow.Whether you plan on voting for me or not, simply not voting because you dont think it matters is the problem we have in many places. We cannot afford to have elections with 25-30 percent of our population voting,

Also, party leaders, please……..

Do not forget to set your positioning for Congress. I have assigned a task to a citizen to get emails to notify on new votes and issues for Congress, and all members from your party that you elect to be Congressman or women need to be able to do their jobs.


Vice President
RfC Party President


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