A new Erepublik Citizen in eRepublik team: a romanian

June 3, 2008

Dear Citizens,

As most of the Romanian users who joined our meetings have realized from this photo Geo (aka Belea2008) is our new team member and he is the second person recruited from Erepublik Citizens after Cristesco. He is helping Citizens with their requests on the forum and he will answer most of the messages received from the contact form. Geo will also have special administration preferences on the Erepublik wiki.

With the new version of Erepublik, we will have moderators from other countries, not only for Romania. They will help us answer the messages received from Citizens and special tools will be available for them to solve issues regarding the community. All the moderators will be selected from the Citizens of Erepublik. We will come back with more details about this in the next months and how to apply if you are interested.

Also we are not hiring just in Romania, Alexis Bonte is also looking for someone to help him in the Spanish office in Madrid you can find the job description and how to apply here.

Other interesting things:

– Starting today, offers on the monetary market will have five decimals instead of two.
– New rules for Simulated Organizations can be found hereChabier from Spain wrote an interesting article about the political and military activities in Erepublik
– Poland is now counter-attacking in the war versus Germany. The Polish with a massive help from the USA managed to secure all its regions.

Good luck to all competitors for a Presidential seat in the elections on the 1st of June.


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