Freedom Party

June 3, 2008

Lots of you savy people will, with one short look at our page, realise that the Freedom Party is actually the Democrat-Republican party. This is not true. I have decided that the Democrat-Republicans, while a noble endeavor, failed. I owe it to the members that stick by me to do better. Sticking with the Democrat-Republican’s is like staying on board your sinking ship – sure, its yours and feel obligated to stay with it, but its going under and taking you with it. With that in mind, let me give you a short timeline of the Freedom Party.

The party was founded with a generous loan from John Jakeson. It was at this point named the Democrat-Republican party, and gained lots of press recognition and grew quickly. Then, we stalled. No more press, and no more members. The party seemed to be inactive. This contributed to the hissy fit that drove me to move to Poland – a move whose reprecussions led to this change. So anyways, control of of the party moved to Brydog, who lost to TheSupernatural in the next elections. We now entered into the dark ages of the party – an age that the party proved unable to recover from. It became the laughingstock of all of eRepublik – its joke press releases weren’t even funny, its newspapers went unread, and membership was at an all time low. When I returned, I tried to regain control, but only ended up alienating the members who had joined because they wanted a joke party – while we have recieved one new member, it just doesn’t make up for the losses. It is for these reasons, among others, that I hearby end the Democrat-Republicans as a public and privite institution.

In its place, I offer a brand new party. This is not a party rising from the ashes – it has absolutly no ties to the old party. This way I don’t have to pay another 40 gold. The old party was made because I wanted to be elected president. This party is made for a very different reason – its no longer about one mans quest to power. Its now about whats right.

So what, exactly, is right? This question is not to be answered by mortal men, so I will not attempt. I can, however tell you what is wrong. Sweeden. Norway. Pakistan. Indonesia. John Jakeson. These things are wrong. They, in a blind quest for power, abolish all notions of what is right in order to move their country up a little list that no one gives a damn about. This is wrong. They deny other players the right to fully enjoy eRepublik, instead telling them to shut up and add to that store. This is wrong. These countrys must be brought to justice. And justice has a name. That name, fellow citizens, can and must be America.

That is what we stand for. We want everyone to fully enjoy all aspects of the game, and America must be the weapon of rightousness. We will only sanction a war in order to restore a country’s soverignity. If there is dissent among these glourious states, a comprimise must be created in order to continue surving as a whole. If such a comprimise is not reached, then we must allow those states to cecede. We shall not force our will upon those who will not be swayed. We will, however, work hard to sway those that are open. The concepts of “freedom” and “liberty” started here, in these United States. It is our duty to make sure these concepts are followed where the need for them is. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Freedom Party.


One Response to “Freedom Party”

  1. Rob Courson Says:

    Your words are quite intriguing. I’m in the process right now of trying to obtain an invite. That being said, I agree very much with the ideals outlined here in your party platform. Let me know what I can do to help. Thanks…

    -Rob Courson-

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