Round 1: Citizen Expansion Program

June 3, 2008

This program was announced some time ago, and it will finally have the outline and direction to do America proud in both recruiting citizens of higher skill, coordinating between the four programs already in existance, but we will finally know who and for what to contact each person. So, here’s the outline of how it works and where it starts:

Citizen Expansion Program – Ron Paul

The citizen expansion program is designed to expand our growth as a nation. Only truly in strength, unity, and population can we be the American we all want. Ron will lead the way in coordinating between recruiting members from any viable source he can find (or those that wish to work in doing this), the Big Brother Big Sister Program to mentor those new citizens in the who, where, and how to do things in Erepublik, the US Unemployment Office charged with finding positions for people in America who are in need and actively looking for work, and the US Foreign Recruitment Center which is designed to bring highly skilled workers into the US. Weekly reports due will be population,birth and death rates for the week, and overall population rank on the world scale.

US Foreign Recruitment Center – Currently taking Applications

The US Foreign Recruitment Center was designed to help our businesses in America by finding already skilled workers and bringing them to a country with more opportunity than they one they currently have. You’d be surprised how many countries out there have people in it that are currently not satisfied with their routines, but cannot get their voice heard loud enough to do any good. We have more opportunities than any other nation in the world, and the person who heads this department will be the one who leads the charge. Minimum two articles per week in a media guide, and weekly reports on activity (amount of PM’s) and people successfully brought to the US.

Big Brother, Big Sister Program – Benn Dover

Being the former Chief of Staff to our former President, Nave, has shown Benn that above all most of us need guidance in learning the ropes here and getting involved. Through the use of our IRC chat and National Forums we have been able to help more and more people each day, week, and month that the US grows. We are showing people that as a community, America is one of the strongest, most diverse in the world and we can work together in accomplishing our goals. Previously, this program was run by volunteers only, but Benn has assured me that when he takes the reigns, each and every member of the US will have an outlet to ask questions, or a way to make friends with those that some have called untouchable. Who needs a Grass Roots movement, when you have an open door into almost any avenue in the government? Requirements will be constant supervision of the BBBS forum, and reporting anyone who is displeased with the program and why.

US Unemployment Office – Emerick

Emerick has run this program since it’s inception, and at one point, with the job he has done almost singlehandedly we had trimmed the CV list from 17 pages to 8 (and a good majority of those were already employed or inactive users). With the recent addition in population from the conflicts in Europe, it has grown some. Also with the US Foreign Recruitment Center firing back up it will once again be busy. Weekly reports due on the amount of activity (PM’s) and efficiency (Unemployment rate, percentage of change), as well as a minimum of two articles per week.

With these programs working more hand in hand under one grand umbrella it will make our recruitment and activity efforts some of the best in the world. All active people that are interested in working in these departments (pay determined by department head) should PM those people. Let’s drive America up where it rightfully belongs!


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