Round 2: United Healthcare Service

June 3, 2008

This is a new program within the US. Way back when, we had tried to implement Project Two Birds, but that was unsuccessfull in it’s bid to become this program. We will use similar guidelines, however, but they will not follow the same procedures.

United HealthCare Services Director: Pearlswine

Pearl has already taken over the gifting program in the US, and you can find an update as to the headway he has made here. He has taken the initiative to put order to where there was none. Now, he takes on a little bigger issue, although his main focus will remain our National Wellness Program.

The United Healthcare Service will have both the National Gifting Program, as well as work towards procuring hospitals for our regions. I have promised three Q4 hospitals, and tomorrow you should see the first be placed. Our company of choice is the only hospital company in the US above Q1, FAQ’s Hospitals, and Inferno and I have worked closely over the last few weeks trying to get this organized.

Pearl already provides weekly updates on his gifting services, so there’s no change required there.

Hospital Placement Director – Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam will direct the communication necessary between our Mayors and our Hospital company. He will also, with the approval of Pearl (who he reports to), select the next two cities for placement. There will be input provided on this by myself, the NSC, and others who are affected by it’s placement but Sam will announce each decision on the matter. He will also form the bonds on exporting hospitals once our goal is reached to find out where the best possible sales are for those. Weekly reports will be required on the approximate finish/placement date on the hospitals, and any information relating to it.

So, there’s our healthcare program in action. Something we have sorely lacked for some time (communication and coordination) on this level is now in place, and should be a foundation for quite some time if used properly.

National Security Council comes next…..



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