Round 3: National Security Council

June 3, 2008

The National Security of our nation is our utmost reponsibility as a government. That being said, I think that I have appointed one of it’s most dedicated citizens to lead that department. I did so for several reasons:

First, Esoom has been around since the foundation of the original DoD, and is aware of the programs and mandate already in existance. He can see what it’s strong points are/were, and where it lacks. He has already released a sign up for the Army. I will ask that whether you are an existing member of the original units or new to Erepublik, that you sign up for it’s military. Having a strong military can equalize many flaws in a nation, and it’s ability to defend itself is a complete priority for this administration.

Second, Esoom also has experience with many members here, and has already found several people he can fully rely on to help him in this department. So, that being said, here’s how the NSC is set up to work. I will not go for specific ranks, as Esoom is at liberty to either designate rank or responsibility.

National Security Council Director – Esoom

Esoom will have full control over the NSC and an order from him is like an order from me. Our National Security is key here, as the US should be more inclined to defend its own borders and protect its own National interests above all else.

We will have three different types of units available, and Esoom will classify which unit you belong to once he receives all sign ups.

-Reserve Unit: Made up primarily of the Congress, Mayors, political leaders, and business owners who cannot travel. Their duty will be to defend the shores of the US (and any other regions) in the event of an attack. This group will also be made up of a primary work force that will be designated so that our production can keep some kind of constant level in the necessary industries in time of war.

-Regular Army: The Regular Army is for soldiers who are either in boot camp (low strength, between 1 and 3), or who do not wish to travel for whatever personal reasons. This will be the core of our military, as normally our grunts do most of the heavy lifting in any war.

-Elite Army Rangers: The EAR squad is made up of high strength soldiers who can travel. Their primary purpose is to travel internationally in case of crisis and defense of our allies. Rations and wellness will be watched closely by their commander. They will receive higher pay due to losing work when going to other countries.

*Pay Scale* is yet to be determined in these positions until the NSC can tally and get a better idea for signups and a budget prepared.

**Functional email addresses will be required for any member of the Army.**

***Already appointed: Dark Adrien, Recruitment Officer; Dnouser (not sure of his title quite yet)***

Military Stance

The United States has for too long been viewed as the world police in many regards. We are in no position to be such, and must maintain our growth and security before we can put ourselves in a position to provide military relief. We will always support our close allies in their times of need.

Many of you are wondering about our MPP’s at the moment due to the war in Europe. I have said it before on a few occasions: We are not officially commiting soldiers to any battle. If you choose to do so on your own volition it’s your choice. As of now, we havent the necessary coordination and organization to commit our military to anything. We have a strong core of defense built up, but must organize it before advertising it as ready to perfom, especially overseas.

Now, we move on to the Monetary Policy and Economic Councils…..



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