Round 4: Monetary Policy and Economic Council

June 3, 2008

So, on to what most average American wants to know about. Our monetary policy.

First, I would like everyone to tip their hat to our former President, Nave Saikiliah. He has done what he has accomplished, increasing our treasury from the day he took it 500%, stabilized our economy through the good times and bad, and found the proper balance to our export/import markets. While we have a little work to do in a few areas, you can’t fault any of his policies. I won’t try to reinvent the wheel here, as it isnt necessary.

That being said, I will have a very controlled, safe monetary policy. If it aint broke dont fix it. We will always keep a watchful eye and will of course have to make small adjustments here and there, but I will not nor do I have to be as aggressive as Nave was when he took office given the level of funds he was dealing with.

Now, onto the meat:

Chairman of Domestic Economic Council – Archibald

In this position, Archibald will be responsible to monitor the domestic marketplace and monetary markets, as well as our Federal Supply (when regulating the value of our currency). He will advise on irregularities, and any adjustments that need to be made to the tax rate (although from initial calculations, those should be very minor). He will oversee the other advisors on this board to help with coverage. A weekly report on the buying power of our currency, it’s value in relation to Gold, and monetary funds will be required. I am hopeful that Desertfalcon and keogh will accept positions underneath to report to him.

Chairman, Office of Foreign Trade: Justinious

Justinious will be required to examine potential exporting markets for our products that happen to have surplus, and coordinate with Archibald on the matter should trade agreements be recommended. Requirements will be a minimum of three countries analyzed per week on the availability of currency exchange, whether currency to currency exchange is possible, the value of the proposed currency to ours, and market conditions. Other applications will be accepted should anyone else like to serve on this council.

The Federal Reserve/Comptroller

I have specifically held this position back until the other departments get budgets together and I can see what kind of sums we are looking at budget wise. When that happens, I will appoint someone to head this position (don’t give up hope just yet, Infernal). Until then, myself and Archibald will keep a close eye on our money.

On to Foreign Relations……



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