TRC: Top National Forums

June 4, 2008

If you think that the main Erepublik forums are where the action is at you would be very wrong! Most forum discussions that take place in Erepublik actually take place in the various national forums that have been set up by the Erepublik citizens themselves.

One big advantage of these forums is of course that you can have much more detailed discussions with less of the usual trolling that you can get on the main forums and more importantly, people can discuss in their own langauge!

Comparing the national forums is also an interesting read:

Format = Country (population/forum population) total posts

1 Indonesia (2226/1071) 29780
2 UK (666/513) 26813
3 Sweden (1988/1376) 21393
4 Spain (2216/848) 17293
5 Italy (1480/363) 3478
6 Portugal (483/342) 9791
7 Norway (765/282) 6626
8 Romania (1583/370) 5092
9 France (298/166) 3949
10 USA (965/157) 2618
11 Ireland (158/89) 1529
12 Canada (270/103) 1392
13 Hungary (520/46) 286
14 Venezuala (354/59) 263

Ranked in order of total posts obviously. I think it’s fair to say that UK has the most active forum relative to the size of it’s population! Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

I reckon there are probably over 6000 people registered on external national forums at the moment. And there are probably a few hundred people logged in to national forums at any one moment in time. In the UK many of our population actually spend more time on our national forum than we do on Erepublik itself.


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