Czech Republic and Hungary war

June 9, 2008

So for three days we have all been watching the situation between Hungary and the Czech Republic. Thus far, the United States has stayed neutral, only providing help through the MPP we have which has allowed foreign soldiers to fight with access to superior healthcare and market supply.

We have also been watching closely as both countries battled back and forth through our forums. Who knows who is telling the truth anymore. On the first two days of the war, both sides held their ground, and after declaring a war Hungary cried out to the world and it’s friends for help from invasion, as they were unprepared to face battle on their own soil. They received this help in the form of troops from at least 5 countries within the Med Alliance, which is their contractual obligation. Even though they themselves declared the war, they needed support not to lose their own ground.

They then proposed peace. There’s a post in the peace offer that was originally started by ArCrimson stating that they wanted nothing more than an even withdrawl and end the war. They were sorry for their actions.

For some reason, the President of the Czech Republic did not accept this offer. For days now, this has gone on back and forth with not only members of the two countries involved but also the support from the MA to justify the reason they have continued to fight even though the President of Hungary himself asked for it to stop. I do not know who is to blame, I will not point fingers, nor do I care. I know that both countries have asked for this to stop. Even now, as I write, Hungarian forces are brazen enough to claim victory while the battles wage on. Both sides admitted to this being pointless.

For now, the Czech Republic has three regions left. Currently only one is open for defense, which is Moravia. It is apparent that neither the President of Hungary nor the President of the Czech Republic has taken the time necessary or communicated directly to end this issue. A peace agreement was asked for, yet Hungary continues to push forward. Not only have you taken some of the most valuable assets that the Czech Republic built, but you have severly affected their economy as well as yours. As I know firsthand, economic impact during and after war is the most devastating thing that happens here in Erepublik, whether you win the battles or not.

My advice to both Hungary and the Czech Republic is this. The US will defend the three remaining regions, but only so long as it appears that at least a little progress is made. If, by Monday evening none is seen, then we will once again withdraw. This goes to both sides.

If both Presidents would like to contact me directly on MSN, then feel free and I can moderate somewhat. My ID is

To all US Troops: Please plan on defending Moravia tonight. If you cannot be online, then put yourself in the defenders queue. If you need wellness, PM the DoD Medic and he will make sure he can get you what he has. These are official orders until told otherwise.


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  1. Honza Levejhák Says:

    Čau volové, smrdíte jak jebky(hahahahaha)

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