June 9, 2008

Laurentiu L and Sarthillaurwen married today, day 202 of the new world, in front of their godfathers, their relatives and their friends.

The ceremony started at the “Register of Marriage” where the couple was officially married. In front of the President of the Register and in front of their nuns, Brainiacgirl and Raul97ro, Laurentiu L and Sarnthilllaurwen sworen true and forever love one to each other and signed that they agree with marriage rules:
-When one of them has wellness under 100%, the other partner must offer him a gift, minimum one per day, if they both have wellness under 100% they will give gifts to each other.
-When one of them don’t have money to buy food, the other partner must give him money for food.
-Both partners must write in the “About me” section, with who and since is married.
-If one condition above is not respected, they can divorce with an article in this newspaper.
All ended with a lot of champaign and a long kiss of the new married couple.

After the official ceremony, they all went to the church of the city, where God blessed their union.

The “Register of Marriage” pronounce them husband and wife, and wish them a long marriage full of love, compassion, understanding, joy and a lot of kids.

If you want to get married too, the only thing you must do is to send a private message to the user named Register Of Marriages. Good luck in finding your soulmate!


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