How to: “Guide to Hospitals”

June 13, 2008

Just so everyone knows how to use them and the tricks some people play.

Hospital Use

In order to use a hospital, you must have fought that day (according to the rules).

1. Enter Battle.
2. If you win the battle, you have the option to leave the battle or stay and fight again, depending on whether or not other soldiers are waiting in queue on the other side. If there is, then it will automatically put you into the next battle.
3. Once you lose there are two ways to use the hospital. You can either A) Leave the battle area and return, which it will give you the option to “recover lost wellness”. Once you click this link, it will take you to the “Buy Wellness” screen, where you can click “Go to Hospital”. The other option is B) Go immediately to your profile, and click the wellness link on the top right. It will automatically take you to the same page. Click “Go to Hospital” (as with other quick links, you might have to click it twice. I know gifts do the same thing. The first click doesnt do anything, the second click works).

This will regain your wellness ten times the quality of the hospital in that city. For Austin, it will restore 40 wellness, bringing you back to 50. You must be at least 31 wellness to fight. It will not let you enter battle below that.

The Games People Play

As we have seen during the Sausage and Czech Wars, you can actually use gifts as weapons. By retaining Q1 gifts in your inventory, if you gift soldiers that havent used the hospital AFTER they fight, they cannot use the hospital. Personally, I feel this is a simple glitch in the hospital system, but it hasnt been fixed in two weeks so we’ll see if they ever do. My recommendations is to copy this link BEFORE you fight, and simply paste it into your URL browser after the fight has completed so they cannot use this tactic.

I hope this clears up any issues that anyone has with our hospital systems. They work just fine so long as you reside in the city that has one (which close to ten regions in the US have at least a Q1 hospital). We have worked VERY hard on attaining these in both my and Nave’s administration, and you would have to work very hard to find another country with as many hospitals as we have available to us. As many have pointed out, the fact that we have 51 regions means we have more ground to cover, but thats why we try to base our Army out of just a couple of cities.


7 Responses to “How to: “Guide to Hospitals””

  1. mtman Says:

    I didn’t know I was to get heal after a battle, can I still get heal? my healt is 33

  2. neagoebt Says:

    Yes you can get health from the hospital in your region. Go to your region overview and you’ll see the hospital there and click heal. You can do this only once per day, after you fight.

    Good luck!

  3. lol Says:

    I go to region over view and there isn’t a heal link, i can only heal after a fight WTF?

  4. neagoebt Says:

    Yes, the only way to get healed is after a fight. But don’t worry, just fight once and you only lose 10 points of wellness. Then you go to the region overview and there you will have the heal button just near the hospital stars.

    Have fun!

  5. mtman Says:


  6. neagoebt Says:

    No! The idea is to fight at least once. If you fight more than once, you’ll lose 10 wellness points for every fight. And then, when you heal, you have no advantage or disadvantage for fighting once or 5 times. It’s the same thing, as the hospital heals you 10*hospital level points of wellness.

  7. Dunisensei Says:

    How can I recover now? I am with 23 welness? and cant fight?

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