A new country in Erepublik

June 14, 2008

Today Slovenia became the newest country in Erepublik. We have received many suggestions regarding this subject and we have decided that this is the right moment to add Slovenia

The new country will be divided in six regions (Upper Carniola, Styria and Carinthia, Prekmurje, Inner Carniola, Lower Carniola, Slovenian Littoral ) with the capital city in Ljubljana.

In order to help Slovenia reach a reasonable level of development, no wars will be able to start against it for the next 30 days (until 10th of July). If one of the neighboring countries decides to declare war to Slovenia the proposal will be canceled. Also, the Slovenian first President (which will be elected on the 1st of July) will not be able to propose war to other countries until the 10th of July.

Other countries will be added constantly in Erepublik considering the traffic sources. From all the countries that are not in Erepublik, Slovenia had the most visits.
We welcome all Slovenians and we send them our best regards.

New funding for Erepublik

To keep the rivers of energizers flowing, the Erepublik project received a first round of funding from business angels.
These investors have tremendous Internet experience and will help us deliver to you a great new version of Erepublik this year. Here you can see how Alexis and George express their feelings about it (they really need those energizers :P).

Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to vote for the party elections.



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