TRC: Attack of the Clones

June 16, 2008

The recent invasion of South Africa by Indonesia has already broken a number of Erepublik records, most fights, most countries involved, largest battle, but there is another record that has been broken that most people won’t be aware of…


The other day, whilst watching the fight on the third day (where South Africa and her allies were actually on the attack) I noticed a guy called Gustav_Sigurd killing off a load of South African and Allied attackers.

Gustav? That doesn’t sound very Indonesian.

Let’s click on his profile. Oh, he’s Swedish? I thought they were on our side? And it turns out he only moved to Indonesia today after being in South Africa killing off Indonesian attackers. Right, so he’s moving around to get the defender bonus and build up his kill ratio, ‘interesting’ tactic.

And it seems to be working, over 80 kills and only about a dozen deaths. He’s obviously also not afraid of spending his own gold to recuperate, he dies and pops back again later to fight on!

Let’s watch him in action…

Oh that’s lucky – many of the people attacking him, whilst he is defending on his own, are guys who have just been born and don’t even have a weapon. Str 1, wellness 50, and -50 for being unarmed aren’t going to do much damage to a seasoned veteran.

Hmm, ‘lucky’. These are obviously clones and he seems to be killing an awful lot of them! Thinks I’ll send a report to the admins with the urls of a few of these clones so they can investigate, I also tell them my theory that Gustav is the one behind the clones.

I then send Gustav a message asking him if he is enjoying killing of a load of clones (no doubt using the Gold from inviting them, he had lots of ‘money market offers’ posted to transfer the Gold without detection, or so he thought).

I got this reply: “and also yesterday i fight for africa.also today i secured a lot of places.I am trying to get rank.i am always near who is defending.they pay me and i am going near defending team.
if south africa defends i will go to south africa side.
i have nothing to do against fakes.ıf someone puts them against me i have to kill.i am joining the war and figthing with anyone who comes to attack.”

Sure you are…

Anyway – next day I get a reply back from admins – “Thanks you helped us a lot with this.

Thanks to you we have banned 230 multis created for fighting.”

230 multis

Holy Guacamole!

And sure enough, Gustav was one of the ‘original’ citizens behind the cloning:

Bye-bye cloner!!

I don’t know if there were other people behind the clones but they are hopefully also banned.

So the moral of the story – keep an eye out for clones! The tactic seems to be mainly used for getting the defender some cheap kills in order to boost their kill ratio.


One Response to “TRC: Attack of the Clones”

  1. alexis Says:

    well spotted!

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