Interesting events around Erepublik

June 20, 2008

– Tomorrow local elections will take place for the 7th time in Erepublik. An interesting battle will be in Cluj-Napoca between Korobase Piratul and FlorinGrozea (Florin is a famous pop singer in real life in Romania). Good luck to all competitors.

Changes: When a Citizen becomes a soldier, from now on he will start with 0 (zero) strength. To enter a battle his strength will need to be at least level 1.

The next version of Erepublik is really starting to take shapes. We will need the help of some users to test it before launching. We will keep you updated with more news and infos about v1, in the next period of time. You will have even some pictures on our blog with our team brainstorming and developing the new Erepublik. Screen-shots and later features will be revealed once the launching date is approaching

King Waseem had a great idea and interviewed Platonic in one of the longest interviews in Erepublik and here are the links to it: part 1, part 2 and part 3.
Also, Dishmcds the President of USA, wrote an interesting analysis for early June from an eRepublikan point of view.

– In the last week-end we had two interesting community meetings in real life, in Madrid and Bucharest. Read more about the events on our latest blog post

– Today we gave 3 more invites to Citizens who had no invitations left.

Our regards to all of you,
The Erepublik Team


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