A few things that need to be said

June 21, 2008

Q2-Q4 moving tickets

It costs a good amount of gold to upgrade a company. Another overlooked aspect of upgrading is the significant decrease in worker productivity and overall wellness. For the consumer, it provides a better product for a higher price. Except moving tickets.

The economic value of 1 wellness is somewhere around $1, or .02 gold (difference between Q1 and Q2 food, Q1 gifts, etc). A Q1 moving ticket allows you to go wherever you’d like, but decreases your wellness by one. A Q2 leaves your wellness alone. A Q3 increases your wellness by a point, Q4 by two.

The price of one Q1 moving ticket in the US is $46, roughly equal to .92 gold. If you are really worried about wellness, you’ll need a gift with it, upping the total price to $47 or .94 gold. Or you could buy a Q2 ticket for… wait for it… $61 or 1.22 gold.

It’s not the business owners’ faults — this was a mistake by the developers. Actually, it was also a mistake for the business owners to upgrade in the first place. And, its the consumers faults for being complete retards.

Why hasn’t anyone else bitched about this?

Introduction articles

Everyday, two or three times a day, a new user feels compelled to write an article introducing his/her newspaper. “I am going to write about erepublik,” they say. “I hope to provide a new outlook,” they proclaim. Now, new member, we sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm. But at the moment, nobody gives a shit about what you have to say, so hyping up your paper is just going to waste everyone’s time. Why don’t you save your energy and write an actual article. Or, better yet, wait until you know the game before you start your newspaper.

Pakistan is awesome, but voting up one sentence articles needs to stop

Yes, Pakistan infuses fun and lightheartedness into erepublik, which is for the benefit of the entire world. Their love of Dio is legendary and a great part of the game. But I can only take so many pointless articles with 100 votes. It was funny the first few times, guys, but the laughs wore off last month. Try something new.

The defensive bonus is too high

Each defender gets 150% added onto his overall power. Starting at 100%, that’s making each defender 2.5x as strong as the equivalent offensive soldier. Now, I find it hilarious that presidents and countries STILL don’t understand this (I’ll admit I was taken aback when I declared the first real war in erepublik, but at least we were all noobs then). Unless your country has 2.5x as many people willing to fight, you can’t win an offensive war.

Eventually everyone will figure this out. It’s starting to catch on already. And with the proliferation of MPPs, soon it will be impossible for any war to break out. Erepublik’s economies and fun factors hinge on the war module, so for it to die out would drastically change the way things worked.

So, please, lower the defensive bonus to 75%. That way, a country of 200 people could barely defeat a country of 100, given everyone fights. That seems about right. Outnumbered 2 to 1, usually the majority is victorious.

Newcomers, please wait to pick a political party

Yes, I know most of the parties are the same anyway, but it seems like everyone chooses a party the first day. The vast majority stick with it — even the ones who learn that their party doesn’t suit them and/or sucks balls. Become an uber-citizen first (more on that later), then choose a party.

More emphasis and weight needed on media

What is the primary purpose of the media? You would think to communicate, but I think that’s secondary. I have a slight obsession with erepublik — after clicking the Train button and responding to messages, my eDay is practically over. But, I use the media to keep me distracted. It is the only fluid part of erepublik. Everything else is just numbers.

So, how about we reward the authors and add some incentive for everyone to be part of the media. When I first started playing erepublik, I suggested a monthly payment of gold for every subscriber/view/comment/vote (they didn’t have votes then actually) to authors. Some function of .01 * (subscriber*5 + [views/100] + [comments/10] + [votes/10]) gold per month. I just made that up, so don’t take that seriously. Anyway, it would promote better journalism.

(Based on my own proposition, in April, I would have made .1 * (175 + [10,000/100] + [859/10] + [378/10] = 109 gold hehe)

Erepublik is a game

The primary purpose of a game is for fun. After the US-Canada War ended, spirits were bleak in the US. Everyone felt like the game had become a chore. We were hated around the world, defeated on the battlefield, and discouraged. So I started something called the Department of Fun. Everyone could join and make up his own title (God-Emperor of Fun reporting). The only responsiblity of the department was to spread fun. So we’d “fungasm” over everything. It was glorious.

Now, perhaps we don’t need to go that far, but a little more levity and fun would not be all bad. Maybe it would even convince more newcomers to stick around!

America is our team

Even though I actively participate in many discussions and arguments, it pains me to see hateful dissent (regular dissent is fine!). The truth of the matter is, in erepublik, you are on several teams. One is your political party — unless you are a congressman or president, this affects you minimally. One is your business — generally, the better your business does, the more money you will make. One is your state — people forget how completely pointless and irrelevant this is. The last team is your country.

Your country’s economy, military, diplomacy, and rules dictate your erepublik experience. If the economy is booming, so is your bank account (more so in the game than in real life). If the country is at war, you are affected in every way, from the battlefield to your wellness to the economy. When your country is allies with another, you will see foreign products in the market and you will (or won’t) see certain wars.

The beauty of real life America is the individualism of the population. It has served as an advantage since the colonists first arrived. It has led real life USA to become the richest, most powerful country in the world (although this might not last much longer). But, in this game, we have not the numbers nor gold to rise to the top without a great deal of teamwork.

We ought to band together and start working as a more singular unit if we hope to become an elite country. We need to start recruiting, we need to take a deep look at the US economy and make sacrifices to set everything right, we need to increase participation and activity from citizens.


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