eRepublik citizens present some changes they’d like to see in erepublik

June 21, 2008

With V1 coming closer and closer, and the admin being relatively tight-lipped about it, I thought I’d list some changes I’d like to see. Of course, some of my suggestions aren’t possible — perhaps not even desirable — but this is my ideal erepublik.

**** Political System – Ideologies ****
The main complaint when it comes to politics is the lack of difference parties can make. Sure, a communist party could gain control of a country, but what the hell would it do? In fact, the communists would need a comprehensive knowledge of capitalism in order to make any difference — incentives are the only way to make any difference here.

If the president and Congress had the option to switch to a dictatorship or communist structure, what would it be like?

In communism, each paycheck is taxed 50% and 30% is immediately redistributed amongst the population. Don’t worry about where the other 20% goes — that’s the beauty of communism. Communist regimes would be forced to crumble every four elections. It’s just a rule.

In fascism, each player would have to type the entire national anthem before he could work. Then, the daily prayer for the dictator before he trained. Each player would have a nifty “Report citizen to the secret police” button. It would be located in between “Send Message” and “Add as Friend”. The higher the poltical rank of the user, the more times he could click it in a week.

**** Political System – More customized ****

I would like to know why we don’t have an electoral college in eUSA. And, why is there no Senate and House of Representatives in the Congress? And why was I allowed to drink alcohol even though I am under 21? Wait, I’m getting real life mixed up. But still, I would love the confusion and redundancies of real life systems! Isn’t that the best part of politics?

**** Presidential Controls – More specific ****

I understand that very few of you have seen this for yourself, so take my word on it. There are like 5 more features when you become a president. It’s similar to the worker –> business owner transition. Yay! I can hire employees and set prices! Wait, is that it? Replace “hire employees” and “set prices” with “raise citizen fees” and “change taxes”, and that’s the gist of it.

The entire game of erepublik was designed to suit idiots and geniuses alike. For the less mentally inclined, there are “Train” and “Work” buttons — that’s all you need to be an active citizen in the US. For the more intellectual players, there’s the Media, Exchange Market, “Top” Statistics, and Forum. Erepublik was designed to be picked up quickly. That’s fine by me — it’s smart, in fact.

The problem is that the president’s features were designed without the implication that presidents should be knowledgable and experienced intellectuals. It’s built with the same assumption that an idiot might be using it. I would love more specific income taxes — how about “Progressive”, “Regressive”, and “Flat”. Then the Libertarians and Liberals could really fight on something! Or better yet, maybe real Libertarians and Liberals would emerge! Besides you, Emerick.

**** Built-in Chat Rooms ****

This would probably be a bitch on the servers, but still, I think it would be sweet. How about chat rooms built-in with access privileges and the works. How about an actual meeting place for Congressmen or Mayors? Every major country in the world simulates this on the side, so it would just save some of the hassles of erepublik.

**** Welcome Screen ****

You remember that welcome screen you got when you first signed up (or you get when you multi like crazy, you assholes)? How about we give presidents the option of writing their own? Its practical uses would be for countries to give their own customized FAQs (“We’ve got forums here — check out the media section — we’re currently involved in a few wars”, etc). It would become interesting when presidents would promote their own parties in controversial but legal ways.


Now, I have a hunch there will be mini-games for training and working when V1 arrives. I suspect they will be optional, as to prevent alienating the original fan-base. Knowing the current team, V1 is going to be awesome and exciting — people are going to be pissed off and complain a shit-load, but still, it’ll be cool. But these are the changes I’d like to see made.

Also, when the war module was first released and everyone was pissed off about the bugs, that irked me. This is a game built for us. There are no ads in the banners, our inboxes aren’t spammed. The small development team does everything it can to accomodate our every need. Be thankful. Erepublik is fantastic — I know we’re all just excited about its upside.
There is also one more thing citizens would like added to eRepublik but I did not post it here. If you want to know what that is, please visit for the entire article.


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