The end of Hungary — an eRepublik citizen’s personal vendetta

June 21, 2008

“During the US-Canada War, the US Army was defeated by Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Austrian, French, and Italian soldiers. If it had been a fair fight, Canada would not have been on the map. Now, I am not mad at the Mediterranean Alliance (those countries) for causing a stalemate. It is fine for them to choose sides. I have been furious at their hypocrisy and sleaze.

When we declared war on Canada, southern Europe threw their hands up in protest. Many of their comments stemmed from real life biases. You see, outside of erepublik, the US gets involved in shit that doesn’t concern it. As we all know, our real life image has steadily declined since WWII. The Mediterranean citizens (and a few of their presidents!) made it no secret that they were pissed off about real life affairs and this eWar just made it worse.

They had a point — in real life, we should not get involved where we don’t belong.

Okay, so what does Europe do? They get involved in a war that doesn’t concern them at all. It was US versus Canada, two neighbors squaring off. The US had no possible way or intention to invade any other country, so it wasn’t in self defense. Most of the Canadians were assholes, so it wasn’t like they deserved to be saved.

Filthy hypocrites. I publicly let it go because of the coup I pulled by securing a status quo ante bellum peace agreement. But I’d never forget their character. Call me Karma if you’d like, but they deserved to be sabotaged.

Now, when I saw yesterday that Central Hungary (amongst other regions) was being defended by 6-7 Hungarians, I set my alarm clock. With ten minutes remaining on the battle ticker — with a nearly unlimited supply of gold and three buy wellness tabs open — it took about 5 minutes to dispatch all the defenders. Then I moved to Czech Republic so I could personally conquer region.

About half an hour ago, Budapest, Central Hungary, fell to Czech Republic. The importance of this: half of Hungary’s population resided there. In fact, the population of Czech Republic just doubled. So did, I’m guessing, the amount of companies and newspapers. Now, Czech Republic has 400 people and Hungary has 200. You better believe that I’ll help finish off the rest of them.

I have toppled my first Mediterranean Alliance country. I can’t hope to have the same success everywhere, but trust me, I can manipulate other things (if I haven’t already). In fact, the economy is my strong point and perhaps the most potent weapon in the game.

I am no longer representing the US, so our country is at no risk. I am acting alone, which makes me impossible to kill.”


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