NEWSFLASH: Greeks and turks again on eachothers throaths!

July 7, 2008

The MPP between Greece and Turkey was broken by the turkish side today.

The demands that eTurkey should apologize to the eArmenians opened old wounds, and the alliances in the balkan region lie shattered.

Greek soldiers and politicians demand the invasion of Turkey, and the liberation of Constantinople (not Istambul), while the eTurkey leadership considers to declare itself eOttoman Empire and annex eGreece once and for all.

“We shall teach the greeks a lesson, noone is allowed to insult the glorious nation or the turkishness of its eCitizens!” – shouted angrily an offended turkish baker

eIsrael volunteers started to join the greek cause, a conflict seems inevitable.

“This conflict is good as any other to try to liberate the Holy Lands” – commented a rabbi

Now that eGreece lost its alliance with the turkish side, the rumors tell of the possibility that Athens will seek new allies in the Mediterranean Alliance.

“We are the oldest civilized culture in the mediterranean, who else could fit into the MA if not us?” – asked a greek admiral

The results of the broken MPP lie still in the near future, but bets are already accepted.


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