September 8, 2008

Hello again to everyone,

After more than 30 days new things happened in our Erepublik! We had a lot of wars. Some of them made some important changes in the Erepublik geopolitical map! In this case it’s already mu duty to present you the EREPUBLIK WORLD MAP (see bottom of page) in the day 290 of The New World!

So let’s take them one by one…

Since the last time I made this map, some things changed:

– maybe the most important war these day was Romania against Hungary (and other 8 countries). Romania managed to conquer an important part from Hungary. Actually this was almost a world war between Atlantis and Peace! In the end the war was stopped by the admins but it will remain active and it will start again in V1. So… stay tuned. 🙂

– Another war took part, in the first place, between Mexico and Spain. Because Spain had MPP with Portugal and with Venezuela, Mexico had to handle in 3 wars: with Portugal and Venezuela also. In this case a tricky thing happened. Portugal managed to conquer a region from Mexico and after these day settled a peace. Because of this, Mexico and Spain remained without any neighboring region. So, although the war is active, they can’t fight.
The war between Mexico and Venezuela had no history because they made peace very fast.

This is the summary of the last 30 days history. I will now let you enjoy the map.

We thank again to the_mihai for his maps. We couldn’t have a visual idea over this world if it weren’t for him. In the game you can find the article here


Today, December 02, Day 377 of the New World, we have posted the map of the new world from inside the game. It is not explained, but it will help a bit until the updated explained map release:



3 Responses to “EREPUBLIK WORLD MAP – DAY 290”

  1. neagoebt Says:

    We are sorry for the inconvenient. The map is no longer available for the moment as a new map is on it’s way. Stay tuned and in a few days from now 01 dec you’ll have it.
    Enjoy the game and don’t forget to come back for more news…

  2. Brody Forits Says:

    You guys should make a map that is connected to the game world and is updated automatically when something happens in the game world. I dunno how it would work, but it’s possible isn’t it? if not, i’m sorry. :-/

  3. neagoebt Says:

    Hello Broty,
    The idea is that the game itself hasn’t got an explained map either(the map doesn’t contain the names of the countries on it) but the maps we have are made by players who are fond of the game and work hard on these maps. And of course, these maps need updated from time to time, but we have our “sponsors” such as the_mihai and Hattor who support us. A new release of the updated map will be posted quite soon, so don’t miss it. Still, I can add the inside map of the game here, for you to see, but you might not understand which country is which so the new updated map made by hattor will still be better.
    Warmest regards.

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