First World War in Erepublik

September 8, 2008

The 22nd war in Erepublik seems to be the biggest one ever. The Romanian Congress approved yesterday with an astonishing majority the war proposal to Hungary. As most of you already know, Hungary is a member of the PEACE (People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence) Global Community, which is a worldwide military alliance consisting of all former FIST member nations as well as many former Mediterranean Alliance members. Romania on the other side was a member of the NA (Northern Alliance) and now is an ATLANTIS country, along other powers like Spain or USA.

This conflict is considered to be the first world war in Erepublik because the total number of countries that we expect to enter this war is over 22 from a total number of 29. There will be conflicts between the strongest nations like Romania, USA, Sweden against Hungary, Indonesia, Brazil (not so sure on which side Spain is).

Several mercenaries were hired to take part in this war and rumors say that General Alucard Bloodlust will fight against Romania.

The event caused a major buzz in the international media today and there is wide coverage from all over the world: South Africa, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Pakistan, Romania, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA. If you have other interesting articles about this war, don’t hesitate to have it listed in this forum topic.

Server issues and solutions

We received a lot of complains concerning the server crashing in the last 15 minutes of some past battles. Considering the size of this war, in this format, we think there is a high risk of the same issue happening again (this beta version is not as scalable as we would have wanted it, we are making sure V1 is). So the solutions that we have found are the following:

– the battles will have a different ending time so that we won’t have more battles ending at the same hour. We will keep a difference of 2 hours between them;
– in the last hour of the battle each Soldier can Join a fight only once. This rule will be valid also for the other next wars in the Beta version.


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