Inventories and donating products in V1

September 16, 2008

Dear Citizens,

The changes that will take place in V1 by adding new products and resources will interact with the inventory of all Erepublik entities. Considering this, Citizens will be able to own only finished products (e.g.: food, weapons, moving tickets and so on) and Organizations can have raw materials as well as products in their inventories.
Citizens and Organizations will also be able to donate their products using a cool drag and drop system. This will allow users with less military sense of adventure to develop a new type of career in Erepublik: merchant, one whose occupation is the purchase and retail sale of goods for profit.
In order not to create a contradiction between the merchants and the import tax or export licenses, all the inventories will be limited to ten slots.

Product transfer from Beta to V1

As a special thank you to all the citizens who have helped us with the Beta, in the first month of V1 each one of you will have a bigger inventory with 50 slots. The items that are already in your inventory will be transferred from the Beta to V1 for each Citizen, depending on the quality of their products, in the following order:
– house (houses will be a part of the Citizens and Organizations inventories in V1)
– food units
– weapons
– moving tickets
– gifts

Citizens who are born after V1 launch will start directly with 10 inventory slots.

Changes to subscriptions in V1

A new change that will be available in V1, which was highly requested by Beta Citizens, is the option to receive in-game notifications of the latest discussions in the forum, or the comments in a specific newspaper article (rather than receiving them by email).
Also, after you decide to subscribe to a newspaper, you will receive an in-game notice that will be presented in the same format as your Erepublik inbox for private messages.
That is why under your avatar and wellness indicator in V1, you will find three different icons, representing the new messages in your Erepublik inbox, alerts, and notifications of your subscriptions.
There will be another goodie available in V1 that will help Citizens stay connected to Erepublik, and we will need your help to develop it, but more details about this in a future article.


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