Economy Royal Flush In eRepublik

December 1, 2008

This is a study regarding all market products in the top 5 countries of eRepublik. A study about all nations is also available. More details at the end of the article.


The top countries (by population) are as follows: USA, with 7.662 citizens, Romania with 5.708, Spain with 4.476, Indonesia with 4.383 and United Kingdom with 4.066. Regarding these countries, this newspaper will publish in these next few pages the crunched numbers of markets from day 373, from between 15:00 and 18:00 GMT. Cheapest 10% has been eliminated from all markets as to avoid marginal errors.

Currency strength

The strongest curreny is by far the Spanish ESP counting 0,4 GOLD, followed by Unitek Kingdom’s GBP with 0,28 and Indonesia’s IDR with 0,21. Last place is tied by Romania and the United States with only 0,17 worth for the RON and the USD. The prices below will be expressed in gold.

Finished products: Food

Q1: Cheapest q1 food is found in Romania, with a cost of 0,0066 gold/unit, followed by Spain with 0,0076 and the United States with 0,0085. Last two positions belong to Great Britain with q1 food found at 0,0112 and Indonesia with 0,0172.
Q2: Things stay pretty much the same, with Romania coming in first with 0,019 and Spain second with 0,021, but Great Britain is third with 0,036. Indonesia comes forth with 0,059 while the United States is last with 0,068.
Q3: Great Britain’s progress continues, getting to first place, alongside Romania at a value of 0,08. Second place for Spain at 0,1, third for United States with 0,12 and last place for Indonesia with 0,17.
Q4: Romania has 0,14, United States climbs to 2nd with 0,16, Spain is 3rd with 0,18 and Indonesia is 4th with 0,26. Great Britain doesn’t have higher quality food on the market.
Q5 Romania has 0,19 and is still first , United States remain second with 0,21 while Spain and Indonesia are last with the very high prices of 0,34 and 0,37.


Q1: Spain has the cheapest weapons with 0,036 a piece, United States is second 0,051 and Romania is third with 0,074. Great Britain and Indonesia are last with 0,112 and 0,129 respectively.
Q2: Romania climbs to first with 0,088, United States is second with 0,103 while Spain is third with 0,149. Great Britain and Indoesia are still last with 0,184 and 0,230.
Q3: Spain has 0,277, Romania is second with 0,317. Indonesia and Great Britain come next with 0,422 and 0,431, while United States is last with 0,577.
Q4: At this cathegory, Great Britain is first with 0,616 while Romaina is still second with 0,649. Spain has 0,761, United States has 0,875 while Indonesia is last again with 0,956.
Q5: Best weapons are cheapest in Indonesia, with 1,22 and the United States with 1,88. In Romania these are 2,12. Spain and Great Britain don’t have Q5 weapons on the markets.


Q1: Cheapest gifts come from Romania with 0,020, followed by United Kingdom with 0,022. Spain is next with 0,032 followed by the United States with 0,036 and Indonesia with 0,039.
Q2: Situation doesn’t change here having Romania in first with 0,037 (less than double Q1 price), Great Britain second with 0,040 and Spain third with 0,055. USA comes next with 0,068 and Indonesia is last with 0,082.
Q3: Romania first with 0,100, Spain second with 0,121 and United States third with 0,136. Indonesia is last with 0,164 while United Kingdom doesn’t have it on the market.
Q4&Q5: Spain is the only market having Q4 gifts at 0,199, while United Kingdom is the only market having Q5 gifts at 0,261.

Moving tickets

Q1: Cheapest tickets are in the United States with 0,16609, followed closely by Romania with 0,16643. Third is Indonesia with 0,220, while United Kingdom and Spain come last with 0,308 and 0,329 respectively.
Q2: By far, cheapest here are in the United States with 0,180, while Romania are second with 0,317. Indonesia has 0,443, United Kingdom has 0,462 and Spain has 0,491.
Q3: Cheapest here are in Indonesia with 0,599, Spain is second with 1,49 while United States is third with 2,38. Romania and Great Britain don’t have Q3 moving tickets on the marrket.
Q4: Indonesia is the only market to have this product at 0,70 gold / ticket.


Q1: Cheapest houses come from the United States at 1,85, while Indonesia is second with 2,11 and Spain is third with 2,31. Romania and Great Britain come last with 2,80 and 2,82 respectively.
Q2: Indonesia takes first spot here with a price of 5,36 while United States come second with 5,83. Spain has 6,41, Romania has 6,43 while United Kingdom has 6,58.
Q3: Spain has the cheapest products here with 8,56, while Indonesia is second with 9,64 and Great Britain is third having products at 9,75. Romania is forth with 9,80 while the United States are by far most expensive at 11,84.
Q4: United Kingdom has them at 14,14 and Romania is at 16,96. United States is third with 18,88. Most expensive are in Spain with 23,54 while Indonesia doesn’t have them on the market.
Q5: Only United States and Indonesia have this product, USA having it slightly cheaper with 34,34 while Indonesia has it at 39,99.

Full Study

The full economics study contains data for all countries, and on top of that it also contains the data for raw materials. It is available to the general public for a fee. 1 GOLD for parts of it containing for example Food&Grains for every country, or Weapons&Iron, Moving&Oil, Gifts&Diamonds or Housing&Wood. The whole study is available for 4 GOLD. Payments are made by donating the fee and then sending a private message confirming the pay and mentioning an email which the study will be sent.

Future coverage

A team of 5 men are doing this study, with a total time of 17 hours. It will be done weekly and in future editions of the Associated Press there will be more studies coming about citizen revenue and different aspects of the trade so vote and subscribe if you’re interested.


As usual, the last part of the newspaper is dedicated to some beauty. While I didn’t find any star related to economy (so maybe you could give me some help with that for future editions), I did manage to find out one gorgeous babe while doing the research in the States. Everyone, meet Kate.


Good night and good luck!

And we thank Hattor for the great study behind his article.


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