How much would you like to win?

December 2, 2008


This is a study related to the total amount of gold won in a certain job relating to one specific country. It has been taken on day 377, 2nd of December 2008, between 1 and 3 am, GMT time. Salaries are expressed in gold.

Manufacturing: this is maybe the most developed domain as it involves Food, one of the most important aspects of the eRepublik economic, as this is mandatory for the eCitizen’s existence.

At the top branch of this sector, China will offer you the best wafe with 0.7 pay per day. Second paycheck in this industry is till in China, with 0.6 gold payed for daily work. Still, these two domains seem out of hand at the moment as there aren’t workers in this field.

With 0.566, Iran is the leading job maker in the industry, closely followed by Romania with 0.562 and Brazil with 0.522. USA and Spain are next with 0.442 and 0.419 respectively.

Land working: newest of the three domains, this has also the highest recorede paycheck, but there’s nobody in the business that can make that much. With wages raging from 0.0775 at level 5 up to 0.085 at more than level 7, China has the leading role yet again, but as we have seen before it’s not best in practice too.

Of course, here it is not the case. If you have more than level 4, than China will give you 0.763 gold / day. This is one great offer you should avoid, being the best on the market. Indonesia gives 0.525 gold per day in this industry if you have more than lvl 7. Of course this isn’t working at the moment. So that the list will be taken on by China with 0.55 for 3rd level, 0.45 at 2nd level and 0.4 at 5st level in South Africa. Last place is occupied by China, yey again with 0.35 gold at 1st level.

Construction: This domain seems to be dominated by hospital and defense systen. Due to the involvement of government this fields often is best in its country.

Iran takes first place here with 0.522 gold per worked day, followed by South Africa with 0.52 and United States with 0.51. With 0.493, Brazil takes 4th place, followed by Norway with 0.468.

Overall best: you need a working place, then you better take the 1st: with 0.566, Iran’s manufacturing business is the best in the world. Romania follows closely, in the same sector, with 0.562. Thirs place is taken by Brazil’s manufacturing sector with 0.52. These prices are at top of the branch workers. Not missing out, first on the housing, and coming up on 4th is Iran’s top branch construction sector with the same wage as 3rds place, 0.52. 4th is in the same sector, and just a little bit smaller. South Africa’s elite builders earn more than half a gold per worked day. Last of the best, United States construction’s in the elite area, get a wage of 0.51.

Complete study

Do you think you should earn more? Well, then don’t hesitate to ask fo rthe complete study of working places, for only 1 GOLD on each branch. woth sections for all skill brackets. Ordering all 3 branches will get you a discount, with a total cost of 2 GOLD. You only need to supply the donation and a message confirming the donation and also supplying an e-mail adress in order to send the .pdf documents.

Short mention: the study doesn’t take into account bonuses and other things supplied by company owners. It is made entirely based on the Human resources market.

Angelina Jolie

One great ambassador, but more than that, one that is put near to ten digit earnings, so let’s hear it gentlement for one of the world’s finest.


Good night and good luck,

PS: there will be more studies coming up, related to this. Weekly, The Associated Press will present two studies relating to the economy. One for products and one for salaries.


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