War coverage day 407 of the new world

December 31, 2008

Since the last coverage , the urn of events found a downfall in Atlantis tactics, while PEACE troops got a boost of morale. Here is the story since Day393, one that may’ve seemed to be peaceful, but continued the wars of the Republik.

Canada is pushed back
Brittany, the last ocupied territory by Canada in it’s expansion of the French territories has been taken over on day 394. This has been done swiftly by PEACE troops combined, helped due to the use of MPP’s which allowed France to get help from all around the world. Fights have been pretty light, without massive investments of gold.

USA, the largest country, fails to hold its ground
Poitou-Charentes and Auvergne have been taken back by the French in the front against the United States, on day 394 and on day 396. Just like in the war against Canada, PEACE corps have found a good use to their MPP’s, while the States have shown great resistance, as allied troops have been flown in. Still, it wasn’t to be for Atlantis.
And neither was it to be the following days as two more fights have failed for USA, in an attempt to win back some ground. Poitou-Charenntes and Pays-de-la-Loire have been attacked on day 404 and 406 respectively, but with little success.

Sweden pulled back
Having witnessed the losses of their allies, Sweden lost battle after battle against the French. Burgundy was a failed attack on day 395, and afterwards, the French applied the same tactics as against Canada and United States. First loss was Rhone-Alps, with high resources of wood, on day 399.
Lorraine was won too, with it’s medium iron deposits on day 401.
The Swedes tried another attack, in an attempt of coordonation with USA, on day 403 at Franche-Comte and on day 406 at Lorraine, with these attacks have also been with great resistance from all over the globe, as Peace troops fought side by side.
In order to stop the French advancing into their territory, Sweden started riots in Rhineland-Palatinate, at the border, severing the lines between them and the French. The first riot was stopped, 2 days ago, while on day 406, this finally succeeded, thus giving back the region to Germany.
Still, Sweden kept an isolated region in order to keep touch with France, at Saarland.

The Swiss
All in all, this may be the only good thing that happened here: Switzerland won two more of it’s regions. After German-speaking-area, The Swiss had two more riots won, at Italian-speaking-area, on day 397 and at French-speaking-area (no realy, could we have some decent names for these regions?), on 404. One more region remains separated, and is under Italian control.

United Kingdom and Belgium’s unwanted independance
UK was pushed back strongly, and payed even a bigger price than it’s allies. Lower Normandy was the last territory to be taken back by the French, on day 398, but the hostilities didn’t stop here.
The Belgium Walloon and Flemish regions have also been conquered by the French, as they still had benefits from their MPP’s, causing strong reactions from UK’s president, Dishmcds. The loss of the two regions happened on days 401 and 404.
Belgium merged with UK earlier this year after the union of the two countries has been ratified by a referendum.
On day 402, immediately after it’s capture Walloon region has been set free by the French, thus putting back Belgium on the map as a sovereign state. The Flemish region has seen riots too, one on day 405, and one which is currently under way.

Spain, as the starter of the French war
This turned out badly too. Portugal’s constant meddle, interrupted Spain’s posiblities of attack. The Southeast has been attacked by Portugal on days 395, 400 and 405 as an efficient strategy. This was only interrupted by Spain’s attack on Madeira on day 407.
The other two fronts of Spain didn’t bring good news. Dew to the involvement of Portugal, Spain lost the battles at Limousin on 393 and 397, and at Auvergne on 402.
In a dismall effort to keep Aquitaine, Spain succeeded in pushing back the French, just two days ago, but this was all in vane, as Italy managed to grab hold, on the same day (405) through an attack on their frontt. Thus the region was lost to Italy, after a battle fought on 2 sides.
Another battle fought on two sides was Midi-Pyrenees, region won by Italy yet again, on day 403, after another attempt 4 days earlier. Languedoc-Roussilion was also won by Italy on the previous day.

This has been the theater of some great fights, and France managed to win due to the works of MPPs and some good teamwork done by Peace. But keep reading as it’s not over.

Romania’s headed East
After witnessing their allies attacks on France, Romania only had the power to help Sweden in its first couple of fights, and officially retreating its troops after that.
Something that seemed as isolated proved to be only a facade in order to grant Romania a border with Russia. Moscow has been given back to the Russians by Norway, and as this ended in favours of the Russians, Romania declared war to Russia on day 403, declaring war on the newly given back region. This has been the war of Christmas, as it started that day. In an attempt to stretch the Romanian front, Russian spies opened a riot in Siveria (region previously conquered by Romania from Ukraine). Still, this wasn’t meant to be, as Romania smashed the MPPless Russian troops and won both fronts the next day.
Still, Romania needed something more to get it’s plans under way. It needed a bridge towards West Siberian Region, one that is rich in iron, oil and wood. That bridge has been the Northern Region, and Norway agreed to the plans. On 405 the first riot started in the scarce Northern Region only to end in defeat for the Romanians, but today, this plan eventually succeeded, thus creating the liaison.
Just after the win at Northern Region, Russian troops started a war in order to take back Moscow, but thus far, Romanian troops have sent their opponents fleeing.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens here.

In Argentina it only takes two to Tango
After Romania’s attack on Russia, Argentina found itself under fire from Brazil at Mesopotamia and from Indonezia at the capital region of Pampas.
Although the Argentinians have proven themselves in battle, the might of the two opponents combines has been too much, and both regions have been lost on day 406. Members of Atlantis have been seen on the front, but without important contributions. Argentina was left alone.
Today, another fight has been opened by Indonesia at Patagonia and it seems that they might win yet again, leaving Argentina with only 3 regions, from 6.
Indonesia’s might had a boost two months ago, when the Pakistani Empire collapsed all of the sudden, leaving all the riches for the Asian country.

Fighting in the republic takes place for over a month, having 15 open wars and at least two battles anytime.

Thanks to Hattor


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