Last hope, letter to admins ( RO/EN) – read entirely!!!

January 9, 2009

This article was written in two languages (Romanian end English) by a eromanian player, after the repeated requests of erussians to the admins to give their country back. This is one of the funny articles that make life easier in eRepublik. DON’T MISS IT!

And we also have a request: all those who can translate this in any other language, please post a comment so that we can have it in as many languages as possible.  Thanks!


[RO Version]

Cetateni ai eRepublik, ascultati-mi vocea. Aceasta este poate singura voastra sansa ! Sunteti incompetenti? Nicio problema. Conducatorii vostri ocupa functiile degeaba? Nicio problema ! Sunteti slabi, dezorganizati si fara buni strategi in tara? Nicio problema! Tara va merge din rau in mai rau? Nicio problema! Va treziti ca va pierdeti in razboaie regiunile? Nicio problema!

Ultima solutie, scrisoare catre admini. Pentru numai 5 gold, in cazul in care ati pierdut vreo regiune va vand urmatoarele posibile argumente forte care cu siguranta ii vor convinge pe admini sa va dea regiunile pierdute inapoi:

-Erati nepregatiti si dezorganizati. Adminii sa dea regiunile inapoi tarilor care nu se organizeaza si nu se pregatesc, caci batalia nu a fost intre doua forte egale.

-Va distrati la petrecere. Acum pe bune, ce vina aveti voi ca niste maniaci stateau noaptea sa faca planuri de cucerire in eRepublik, in loc sa se distreze ca si voi la petreceri? Complet nedrept !

-Ati fost atacati prin surprindere. Legile bunului simt cer ca inainte de a invada o tara, sa ai omenia de a-ti anunta intentiile cu cel putin 48 de ore inainte, ca sa fie lupta dreapta si cavalereasca.

-Era noapte cand ati fost atacati. Adminii ar trebui sa dea inapoi regiunile atacate pe timp de noapte, cand tot omul dormea. Este ceva miselesc, iar in razboaie nu se accepta asemenea mojicii.

– Previziunile astrologice din ziua bataliei spuneau clar ca daca ati fi luptat in acea zi 7 plagi s-ar fi abatut asupra tarii pentru 7 ani! Pai daca horoscopul v-a impiedicat sa luptati, atunci clar ca adminii trebuie musai sa va dea inapoi regiunile, ce naiba !!

-Presedintele tarii a tinut un discurs vital pentru tara pe postul national de televziune, legat de livrarile de gaze. In aceste conditii nimeni nu era cu ochii pe eRepublik sa vada ce se intampla, deci adminii trebuie sa dea inapoi regiunea-mama, caci intotdeauna neatentia scapa nepedepsita.

-Soldatii tarii sunt slab pregatiti, fiindca nu au chef sa dea “train” chiar in fiecare zi ca maniacii. Precum se stie, in dragoste si in razboi compasiunea este fara limite, deci soldatii rai care incalca aceasta regula nu merita sa pastreze ce-au cucerit.

– Oamenii sunt oameni, barbatii sunt barbati. Este foarte posibil ca atunci cand tara a fost invadata “tancurile” tarii sa fi fost ocupate facand sex.Acuma, pe bune cine naiba lasa sexul ca sa vina in eRepublik sa dea intr-un zid ca apucatul? Inamici nesimtiti, adminii ar trebui sa anuleze rezultatul
bataliei in acest caz.

– Conducerea tarii, congressul, armata, este populata de incompetenti vai mama lor. Ar trebui ca doar ei sa sufere ca si-au ales gresit dusmanii, au declarat razboi cui nu trebuia si au fost rupti cu bataia dupa aceea. Nu e drept sa sufere ingreaga tara! Admini, dati-le regiunile inapoi!

-Ati fost cuceriti fara mari eforturi. Ego-ul si mandria cer ca daca ati fost batuti, macar sa fi fost cuceriti dupa ce inamicul a cheltuit cel putin 10.000 de gold pentru asta. Altfel, daca va faceti de rusine fiind cuceriti la pas si fara mari eforturi, adminii sa dea inapoi regiunea, nu se poate sa ramaneti cu o asemenea rusine !!

-A fost in tara epidemie de acnee. In aceste conditii rusinea v-a impiedicat sa iesiti la lupta, deci adminii ar trebui sa va dea inapoi ce-ati pierdut.

-Era prea cald in ziua atacului, iar transpiratia miroase urat, deci se subintelege, regiunea inapoi.

– de fapt, cel mai corect ar fi ca atunci cand cuceriti ceva sa va bucurati si sa strigati prin presa ” ce fain e jocul asta eRepublik”, iar atunci cand o luati pe coaja sa ii injurati pe admini ca au tinut partea celor care v-au cucerit. Asta ca sa nu mai fie discutii.

Astept donatii masive de cate 5 gold, multumesc 😀

[EN Version]

ERepublik citizens, hear my voice. This may be your only chance! You are incompetent? No problem. Your leaders hold positions in vain? No problem! You are weak, disorganized and with no good strategists in the country? No problem! Your country makes it from bad to worse? No problem! You realize that your wars makes your country smaller and smaller? No problem!

Your last hope, a letter to admins. For only 5 gold, I`m selling you these possible arguments that will surely convince the admin to give you back the lost regions:

-You were unprepared and disorganized. Admins should give back lost regions of the countries that are neither organized nor are prepared, because the battle wasn`t between two equal forces.

-You were having fun at parties when attackers stroke. Now really, you have no fault for having over your head some nerd maniacs that preferred to draw plans of conquering eRepublik all night long, instead of partying. Completely unfair!

-You were attacked by surprise, with no clues about what was to come. Laws of common sense requires that before enemy invades your country, to have the humanity and honor to announce you their intentions at least 48 hours before the fight, such way that battle would have been fair and honorable.

-It was night-time when you were attacked. Admin should not take into consideration a battle won while normal men were sleeping. Such low morale tactics are prohibited in wars.

– Astrology forecasted clearly that if you`d have fought in that particularly day then 7 plagues were to rush the country for the following 7 years! Well if prevented by horoscope to fight, then surely admins must give back to the regions, what the hell!

– RL country President has been keeping a vital speech on national television, concerning deliveries of natural gas. In those conditions, no eyes were on eRepublik to see what happens there, so admin must give back the mother land, because as we know always lack of interest and lack of interest escapes unpunished.

-Country soldiers are poorly trained, because they`re not the mood to “train” every day like other eRepublik maniacs. Twice a week should be enough, really. As it is known, in love and war compassion it`s limitless, so bad-bad soldier violating this rule don`t deserve to keep what they `ve conquered.

– People are people, men are men. It is very possible that when the country was invaded “tanks” were busy making sex. Now, really, who the hell gives away banging a nice girl for banging a damn wall in eRepublik, like a mad man? For such enemies lacking the most basic sense of humanity and sexuality, admin should cancel the result of Battle.

– Country’s President, Congress, the Army, they all are pure incompetents. They are the only ones that should suffer because of choosing the wrong enemy, because they declared war to the wrong country hence their mother-land was ground-leveled. It’s not right the whole country to suffer, innocent people dying because of the wrong decisions of just a hand of fools! Admin, give them the lost country back!

-You`ve been conquered without great effort. Ego and pride requires that you are to be kneeled only after enemy spent at least 10,000 gold for that. Otherwise, if you are ashamed of being conquered in a “piece-of-cake” manner admins really should give you back your region.

-there was an acne epidemy rushing throughout the country. In these conditions shame stopped you from showing your face on the battlefield, hence admins should give you back what you`ve lost.

-It was a very hot day when the battle took place, and sweat smells bad, so it is understood, admins must reconsider the battle result.

– In fact, finest would be that when you win something you have the right to enjoy and fell good saying “wow, this game it`s sooo very nice !! Look at those pathetcs losers crying for the region we`ve conquered hahahaha” ….and when you lose you should curse the admins for taking sides and force them to give back what you`ve lost…yeah, no doubt this way would be finest, and finally you`ll be happy with this game.

I`m waiting for many many 5 gold donations, thank you very much 😛

We thank MoonlightShadow for this aweosme article.

P.S. We are just posting the funny situation in this article, and not the political and military implications of it. We are neutral.


2 Responses to “Last hope, letter to admins ( RO/EN) – read entirely!!!”

  1. Bong Says:

    Ah, this article shows the ego and pride of a man. Too much ego and pride of winning a dishonest battle

  2. united macedonia Says:

    cheat erepublik to earn gold

    it works trust me

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