15 warning signs

January 17, 2009

15 warning signs that you play too much eRepublic:

1.In the corner shop you seek q3 bread
2.you report the neighbouring twins at the police for multi-accounting
3.you order q1 ticket from your favourite cheap airline
4.You seek the exchange rate of Gold at the bank
5.In the supermarket you demand to see the stars on the products
6.Watching the neighbour’s wall you estimate how much you could hit it with a q5 weapon
7.When somebody insults you , you hit him with 5/5 supershot and go to the hospital
8.At a job interview you ask pay in days’ rate
9.After mindight you spam Hungarian media with matza (it was the Romanians)
10.You take it seriously that you are a minister of a country.
11. You go to the exam with trivia decoder and you wonder why you got banned.
12. You dream about a war starting and actually get up to check if it has.
13. You wander why the f*** we don’t takeover Russia so we get our damn gas.
14. After going home you see that bread is cheaper in the Netherlands, so you go there to buy some.
15. When your neighbour is not at home, you move into his house and when he comes back you demand 200 Gold per month to give back the rooms.
Thanks to Quicksilver.
[with contributions form others too]


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