BREAKING – War By Other Means (Romanian Edition)

January 17, 2009

Reprint from US edition: (–723233/1)

Yesterday, with the elections for Party President, agents of “PEACE” election-bombed Norway, resulting in a near-complete sweep of the elections, including such people as Balash, who led the election-bombing of China into oblivion.

In going for Party Presidencies, it would suggest that the goons of “PEACE” intend to gain control of Congress and then the Presidency to make Norway a agent of PEACE, regardless of the wishes of their citizens.

At roughly 20:30 on Day 423, the Spanish currency was attacked by external forces who spent a huge quantity of gold buying up all the excess Spanish pesetas. At the highest price, 1 ESP was going for more than 50 gold. This will force the Spanish government to either cope with massive, incredible deflation, unless they release a huge amount of currency onto the market. The problem with that, is that then a foreign actor will hold a huge number of ESP that they can dump back onto the market at any time, resulting in an equally destructive backlash.

Between these two events in the last 24 hours, along with the relentless intimidation campaign of “PEACE”, which has split nations from the Atlantis alliance, it is very, very clear that PEACE is moving in for the kill.

Regardless of one’s position regarding specific international events, it is clear that the hypocritically-named “PEACE” alliance has opted to pursue conquest by any and all means available.


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