Changing the Trivia – Open Suggestions to Admins

January 17, 2009

As it is rather obvious that the admins are not willing to admit that the trivia was a bad idea to implement in the game, I guess we have to try to improve the system so it no longer fills us with the need to do bodily harm whenever we see the trivia screen.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Work trivia
Work trivia defines the amount of bonus resources each player makes every day. The problem is, answering correctly to the questions offers no extra bonus to the player itself, only to the company manager, who cannot actually see what is the daily productivity per worker. This has lead to fluxuating salaries and to GMs that demand the use of the decoder in order to remain competitive since their rivals do it also. Lets not deny this. I know it, you know it, even the admins know it.

Work trivia should be fixed so that answering correctly no longer gives extra resources, but grants a bonus to the worker’s skill. This increases the worker’s incentive to answer correctly instead of skipping the trivia simply because it gives him nothing extra. Since this will reduce the productivity of the companies, I suggest that the productivity formula is fixed so it can be easily calculated, has no unknown variables and also increases the productivity of the average worker. At the moment, 0 skill workers are completely useless when looking at the productivity, and this coupled with the minimum salaries makes hiring them a bad choice. Needless to say, this also has to be fixed.

Training trivia
This actually works pretty well as the incentive is to answer correctly for your own benefit. The trivia in this case does not have to be changed, but there’s a need to change the strength increase formula. It would be adviceable to lessen the increase of strength depending on how high it is. It should become more and more difficult the higher it gets, just like it used to be in back in Beta. Naturally, the strength formula has to be changed retroactively or so that the reduction of strength increase begins from 14 in order to give the younger players a chance to catch up with the older players.

War trivia
This is the part that needs most work. If you can’t fight for the maximum number of times in a war, your worth in battles is highly questionable. On average each fight consumes 20 wellness meaning you can fight about 3-4 times before you need to recover for a week, which drastically limits your ability to fight and your gains will be minimal if not non-existant. Your impact in battles is marginal, you yourself only earn 6-8 experience points, get a fraction closer to promotion, and lose truckloads of cash on weapons, gifts and high quality food. It is obvious that the decoder is used ad nauseam by most of the players in order to combat this problem.

I suggest that the wellness loss for answering incorrectly is taken out of the war trivia. Each fight should only consume 10 wellness so that everyone gets to figth for the maximum number of times. The damage bonus can remain the same, though the time for getting a supershot should be increased since 5 seconds is not that much time to read the question that is as long as the Bible. Especially difficult for people who are not native English speakers.

Ps. Please, please, PLEASE make the use of the decoder impossible after fixing the trivia system. The flash trivia thingie will not help one bit, and will infact be even easier to hack.

Pps. Also, fix the bug with the profile pictures. They can’t be changed at the moment.


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